TUAW reviews WunderRadio: location-aware AM, FM, NOAA Weather, Internet radio for iPhone, iPod touch

“The geniuses at Weather Underground have done it again! Now they’ve capitalized on their insight into weather radio to bring the iPhone [and iPod touch] world WunderRadio. Available in the App Store for US$5.99, WunderRadio provides NOAA Weather streams based on your current location,” Steven Sande reports for TUAW.

“But there’s a lot more to WunderRadio than NOAA Weather. Weather Underground has joined with RadioTime.com to provide thousands of radio streams from around the world. Once again, based on your current location, WunderRadio provides a listing of nearby stations to provide you with local AM, FM, and Internet radio streams,” Sande reports.

“Enthusiasts of live police, fire, and EMS scanners get a bonus in the form of scanner feeds from ScanAmerica.us,” Sande reports.

Much more in the full review here.

WunderRadio via iTunes’ App Store here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RadDoc” for the heads up.]


  1. @the other steve jobs
    I just bought this app and it provides access to stations all over, not just local. Works great to hear shows that are not broadcast locally. AM and FM. Easy to find shows about Sports, Politics, Conservative and Liberal. Pretty darn good from my first hour’s experience.

  2. As long as you don’t want local NOAA Weather Radio streams, it’s good. I can get NOAA streams from 60-70 miles away, but not the one in my home county.

    Also, there are only two scanner channels for the entire state of Texas. That doesn’t cover much…

    Oh, and my local radio stations are not available, either. If I am on the road and want to listen to my local station, then I am out of luck.

    Other than that, it’s a good app.

  3. I’m from Raleigh,NC and i would like to listen AM from other cities, because here there’s a lot of pseudo “Christians” wacko conservative retardicans on 99% of the AM stations.
    Is it possible to get other cities??

  4. Fantastic Program! Radio from everywhere (currently listening to music from Munich), NOAA weather, etc. A complete listening station – radio, shortwave, scanner. Glad I didn’t sell y 1st gen iPhone when I went 3G. It’s now the worlds greatest portable radio.

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