Sony’s derivative iMac rip-off as OS-limited as the rest of their PCs (with image)

Sony’s “innovative” new Vaio JS1 is certainly “one good-looking computer, and it’s hard to know how Sony’s engineers came up with such an out-there, brand new PC design,” Charlie Sorrel blogs for Wired.

“The computer is completely housed in that thin, brushed metal (or is it silver plastic?) and glass slab, and the keyboard is a sleek and slimline model which can be easily slid out of the way. There’s even a vertical optical drive in there, although Sony has opted for the old-fashioned kind with an actual pop-out disk tray,” Sorrel reports. “In fact, it seems that Sony’s innovation knows no bounds: there’s a webcam built in to the 20.1″ screen bezel.”

Sorrel writes, “The price has not yet been announced, but it had better be less than $1200. Otherwise, you might want to buy the real iMac. That’ll run Windows just fine, and it will also run the Mac OS, which Sony’s clone can’t do.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ouch.

Full article, with larger image, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “mangosquash” for the heads up.]


  1. Idiots. Don’t they know about creative copyright?

    Sony’s computers are so s-l-o-w too. Don’t you dare buy one. Honestly, a VAIO laptop can take up to 30 minutes to do a standard boot-up. Normally, without antivirus or anything. How rubbish (my MacBook takes 45 seconds)!

  2. People steal ideas from other people all the time. Nice that Sony spent some time to design their computer and not make it look exactly like an iMac. I have to admit that it’s a nice design and if i was looking for a Windows computer, i’d consider it. I’m curious how thick it is and how it looks from the back. That’s the REAL test to see if this design is interesting or not.

  3. Once upon a time Sony was THE byword for originality and style.

    With offerings like this, it’s just plain tragic how far the company seems to have fallen.

    It’s hard to believe how the suits at Sony Central can talk fast enough to keep their jobs, when they encourage such derivative products.

  4. The Sony All-in-One series already is an iMac ripoff, but this is even more so. Sadly, if we get this in at my work, customers will likely come in and go “Oooh, what’s that, it’s so new and cool” And I’ll be like “It’s a Sony all-in-one computer. The computer is behind the monitor. It’s the same ideas as the iMac.”

    Frankly, I’m convinced that a lot of people who come in and admire the 24″ Aluminum iMac that is on display think it’s just a monitor.

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