iSquint developer ceases operations, may release source code

“Techspansion, creator of the media conversion applications iSquint, VisualHub and AudialHub has closed down,” MacNN reports.

“The developer, Tyler Loch has updated the company’s website which notes that the decision to close down was a personal one but promises to keep the support forum and email available for a while longer to take care of any remaining issues,” MacNN reports.

“Loch is considering releasing the source code for the application so that other developers may pick up the applications and keep them going,” MacNN reports.

Full article here.


  1. That just Bites. I bought a copy of Visual Hub, One on the best video transcoder programs on the market today.

    Tyler we’ll miss you in the market. If you make it open source let me know and I’ll do my best to build a developer community around it.

    Lower the Apple Flags to half mast in honor of the death of Visual Hub, iSquint and AudialHub.

    Good Luck and Best wishes to you Tyler.

  2. Audiahub, Visualhub and iSquint are great little programs–very well done GUI applescripting (I think) wrapped around open source conversion software that is as powerful as it is non-user friendly.

    iSquint was free–I bought both of the others.

    I’d really like to see them open sourced.

  3. @Quad Core: But what it means is that in the future as OS X evolves, this app will likely break. Or, the landscape will change in video conversion and the app will need to be updated to stay relevant.

  4. With Quicktime X on the horizon along with 10.6, some codecs will change, undoubtedly. I also bought VisualHub, and it is a great tool for its intended purpose. I hope new developers pick it up and maintain its usefulness in years to come!

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