iPhone, iPod touch OS 2.2 beta: Google Street View maps, ability to turn off text auto-correction

“Last week AppleInsider reported that the first private beta of iPhone Software 2.2 included a redesigned Safari address bar, as well as a new version of the App Store application with interface tweaks and a new bug report feature,” AI reports.

“While those changes are visible to developers testing the software, a post at MacRumors details support for a few other features that have thus far remain inaccessible to developers, as they’re not yet fully activated in the betas,” AI reports.

“Among them is a preference to turn off the iPhone’s text auto-correction. A request for this functionality was recently the subject of an online petition that has since received over 20,000 signatures,” AI reports. “Another feature is support for Google Street View in the iPhone’s Maps application.”

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  1. @scottie

    Those would be nice. I just hooked my iphone up to my bike and rode 310 miles saturday and google maps rocked. I much rather watch a blue dot of myself following a trail but would be cool to have it tell me to turn here or there.. though it would be visual since I wouldn’t be able to hear it on the bike. nevertheless… copy paste would be nice and finally turning off auto correct would rock.

  2. “but would be cool to have it tell me to turn here or there”

    And it just has to be wrong once to send you plummeting hundreds of feet down a canyon while a secret parachute pops out of your iPhone.

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  3. Google Earth is available for the iPhone — it’s called Earthscape. A couple of weeks ago, it was being given away for a short time as a free download, which I got. It’s pretty nice, but has at least one bug in which the Preference setting for the Photo Layer displayed will not hold and always defaults back to Earthscape Most Recent.

  4. @Mr. Tibbs

    I tried to design a modified Samsung slider that did that. Needless to say, I didn’t build it. Something to do with not being able to pack the parachute down.

    A cool idea though. I have the plans! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  5. I do like that I can already toggle from English to other languages in auto-correct by toggling keyboards. Dutch and English aren’t particularly different, but switching auto-correct language saves quite a bit of frustration.

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