CNET writer: Heart attack or not, Apple needs public succession plan

“CNN’s iReport featured a story on Friday saying that a ‘reliable source’ told them that Apple CEO Steve Jobs suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. Since then, Apple has denied the report, saying nothing of the sort happened. After confirming Apple’s statement, CNN took the article down,” Don Reisinger opines for CNET.

“So it looks like Jobs is doing just fine,” Reisinger writes. “But then again, what if he wasn’t? I’m willing to accept that he never had the heart attack (why would Apple lie?), but doesn’t it beg the question of whether or not Apple should appoint an heir apparent?”

“I know, I know: some people believe Jobs’ health is a private matter and should stay that way, but the stock price plummeted on an unsubstantiated report that Jobs had a heart attack,” Reisinger writes. “Can you imagine how far it would fall if it was true?”

“See, what too many seem to forget is that Jobs is the key to Apple’s success and the figurehead that shareholders look to for safe-keeping of their money. Thousands of people are willing to put their retirements in the proper judgment of Jobs, and I think it’s time Apple wakes up and realizes that simple fact,” Reisinger writes.

“Jobs is Apple. Apple is Jobs,” Reisinger writes. “Apple needs an heir to the throne now.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve got great talent, and I think the board would have really great choices.Apple CEO Steve Jobs, March 04, 2008


  1. How many companies in the world publicly list their succession plan?

    Secondary to that, how much would a public succession plan buffer AAPL stock on the day Steve Jobs leaves the company?

  2. One important par of being a leader is that once you pass away, your legacy and your followers remain there. Steve Jobs is a good leader and he has set the rules so once he is retired, apple will remain performing wonderful.

    Besides that, apple has been always a great company, Steve just make it a lot better. So better or best, still beating the rest of the crappy companies.

  3. How ironic is it that Apple’s stock tanks when people believe Jobs has a heart attack, but MS’s stock will soar if Ballmer ever has a heart attack.

    Remember, everyone, when you go to church or whatever spiritual endeavour suits your fancy this weekend, pray for Ballmer’s continued good health.

  4. “These people act as if Jobs is 100 years old or something.

    It’s not stupid, particularly since he had a rare form of pancreatic cancer four years ago. Even though he is cancer free now, the life expectancy for survivors of his type of cancer is five years.

  5. I don’t care about Apple Inc or what happens of Steve Jobs. Besides every company has their downfall and Apple Inc is one of them. Apple Inc is PATHETHIC!!!!! The sooner Apple Inc collapes the better.

  6. Can these people just drop the subject? They should be more worried with Ballmer going BEZERK and swallowing the entire planet and saving white baby seals for snacks later on.

  7. “I don’t care about Apple Inc or what happens of Steve Jobs.”


    Then why are you on an Apple news site reading about Apple Inc and Steve Jobs?

  8. @clinictechmaster

    If Apple were a private company, I’d agree with you 100%. But they’re not. They are a publicly traded company, which means investors have a right to know of a succession plan. Particularly Apples’ considering Jobs is a superstar CEO that would be extremely difficult to replace. Add to that the statistics for survivors of his type of cancer.

  9. Nothing Apple does will prevent people from being stupid or malicious about valuing or trading their stock.

    Do you trust Steve Jobs and the rest of the Apple executive team to be competent on the fundamentals of running a business? If so, you don’t need to check their homework. If not, you shouldn’t be buying their stock.

    What’s CNET’s succession plan for Reisinger? There isn’t one? He isn’t important enough? Then why am I expected to listen to him?
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