Apple TV 2.2 adds Genius support, HD TV shows, security improvements

Apple has released Apple TV 2.2 which brings two new features, “Genius” and HD TV shows to the device. The update also addresses security flaws and fixes two separate issues where a maliciously crafted movie file could lead to either an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution.

Genius feature instantly creates a playlist of other songs from your library “that go great together.” You will also notice a new “HD” option located in the TV purchases on the iTunes Store.

The Apple TV 2.2 update is available directly to the Apple TV and won’t appear in your computer’s Software Update application, or in the Apple Downloads web site.

The update brings improvements to the handling of atom length fields in movie codes and bounds checking of STSZ atoms. It also fixes an issue where openly a malicious PICT image may cause applications to quit unexpectedly.

Your Apple TV will update based on your automatic update settings or you can perform manual software update by navigating to Settings>General>About>Update Software.


  1. I am with Tommy Boy.

    My torrent and usenet porn dvds are begging to be on my AppleTV, but I can’t since the kids could watch them. So I have to load them when we want them and then remove them after we are done. Pain in the butt. hee hee.

    We need locked folders.

    forgot to mention when we make our own home made movies, can’t add those either.

  2. Don’t update to Apple TV 2.2!!!

    I did and my Apple TV would just reboot continuously with the Apple logo on the screen. I had to hold down menu and “-” to reboot it, ran diagnostics, and then did a restore which installed version 2.02 on it. Unfortunately now I have to re-sync over 30GB of music and photo. The apple discussion boards is full of people having issues with 2.2.

    I will wait for a fix from Apple before updating it again.

  3. Everything started working again after about 90 minutes. Since all of the affected Apple TVs came back up at the same time, it obviously points to a server issue on Apple’s end that caused all of the problems.

    The bigger question now has to be, why did a server outage kill so many Apple TVs to the point where they wouldn’t even function at all? Do they phone home when they boot up and won’t function if they get no answer? That certainly seems to be the case.

  4. RL, Thanks for the info.

    If that’s the case I will check the discussion boards and try to update again. After I installed 2.2 it booted up and was working, I then tried to watch a TV show I purchased and it hung. That’s when I reset it and it just began rebooting over and over.

    Then I restored 2.02 back on the Apple TV. If I have time later I will try to re-install 2.2.

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