Net Applications: Apple’s Safari browser share hit new all-time high of 6.65% in September 2008

Net Applications’ Web Browser stats for September 2008 show Apple’s Safari hit a new all-time high with 6.65% share of the browsers visiting Net Applications’ network of websites worldwide. The data is aggregated from 40,000 websites that are predominantly ecommerce or corporate sites.

Net Applications’ September 2008 Web Browser Stats:
Microsoft Internet Explorer: 71.52% (vs. MAY 2006: 84.20%)
Mozilla Firefox: 19.46% (vs. MAY 2006: 10.55%)
Apple Safari: 6.65% (vs. MAY 2006: 3.26%)
– iPhone: 0.32%
– iPod: 0.04%

Google Chrome: 0.78%
Opera: 0.69%
Netscape: 0.63%
Mozilla: 0.09%
Opera Mini: 0.05%
Playstation: 0.03%
Konqueror: 0.03%
Blazer: 0.02%
Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer: 0.02%
ACCESS NetFront: 0.01%
BlackBerry: 0.00%

Net Applications’ Browser Market Share for September 2008:

Net Applications’ Browser Market Share Trend for Apple Safari for October 2006 to September 2008:

More details can be seen via Net Applications’ here.

MacDailyNews Note: As always, the actual percentage numbers are not as important as the trends shown since all “market share” reports have unique measurement sources. Net Applications, for example measures 40,000 corporate and ecommerce websites — how many of which are restricted to WIndows and/or IE, if any, we do not know. If anything, Net Applications is providing one measure of installed base, rather than “market share.” Again, what’s important is the trend (and consistent data points). The trend clearly shows Apple’s Safari ascending.


  1. I install Safari on my friends rebuilt PC’s, it just doesn’t look right.

    It’s the whole chrome/dark grey/silver thing that contrasts with Windows fruity pebbles themes.

    The silver theme matches my Macbook Pro though.

    XP sucks so bad as a operating system, someone should just take it out back and shoot it.

    Anyone notice the TV Guide channel not having any advertising? Welcome to the Great Depression 2, thank you you fscking incompetant corrupt and bias childlike politicians.

  2. I just convinced most of my coworkers to switch over to FF3. The site we use to track patient cares is heavy on JavaScript and FF blows IE out of the water on speed. Personally, I use the webkit nightlies at work, but that process is too complicated for my coworkers to handle.

  3. Yet Safari still doesn’t work properly with Google’s apps, including Google’s I know that this is a Google problem and not an Apple problem… so Google, GET ON IT! FIX IT!

  4. @jtc,
    Actually, I know some people who did. Selling software is selling software, regardless of what it is, I guess, but I meant more along the lines that it wasn’t a sustainable business model.

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