Five Apple iPhone myths nipped in the bud

“After a hard rumor rain, it’s time to break out the myth mower and buzz down the noise to a lower threshold,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for RoughlyDrafted.

Here’s five myths of the iPhone that need a fierce clipping:

1. Verizon EVDO iPhone Just Around the Corner: Sorry, this isn’t going to happen. For starters, we know AT&T has an exclusive contract in the US through 2011. Even if it didn’t, or if Apple found some way to terminate the contract, offering an EVDO phone still wouldn’t make much sense.

2. The App Store is Doomed Over 6 Canceled Apps: Apple has turned down a half dozen programs from the App Store, and a gaggle of pundits have decided this means dire consequences for Apple.

3. The App Store Proves That Anyone Can Sell Mobile Software: Alas, such reasoning didn’t work for those trying to clone iTunes or offer an alternative.

4. iPhone Games Can’t Compete: iPhone compares well against the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS.

5. Steve Jobs Doesn’t Like Video Games: Jobs has also voiced a complete lack of interest in TV, contrasting passive TV watching with active computer use. Despite that, Apple now sells the vast majority of all TV downloads.

There’s much more in the full article here.


  1. ericdano “Boycott Roughlydrafted. Political shill.”

    Do as you like, his analysis of technology and Apple is par excellance. If his political leanings and writings drive you off, so be it. I don’t like his politics but his Apple posts are very detailed and insightful.

    Predrag: “I have taken some time to browse through his web-site/blog and couldn’t possibly find anything out of the ordinary.

    I had struggled hard to find anything that was political in these.”


    I am a fan of DED, but you sure didn’t look hard, Predrag:

    And my personal favorite:

    The above claims that new offshore oil drilling in the US would supply less than 1/82nd of our current total oil supply!

    All those posts were within the past month and a half.

  2. @ericdanco,
    You said, “Boycott Roughlydrafted. Political shill.” I say boyott ericdanco, BS shill. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Daniel does not do politics here, so I say “Button up.” Oh and by the way, the world runs on politics, like it or not and since Daniel seems more like a Dem, I am guessing you are a Rep. Try a MS site. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Just a thought.


  3. @jacob
    a non registered sort of reader. 🙁
    “I thought we were finally rid of the specious, fatuous dribblings of Daniel Eran Dilger on his blog, but apparently MDN hasn’t had enough of his wishful fanboyism yet. Sad. Perhaps I’ll have to stick to Digg for a while, at least the people there seem to have enough sense not to support this crap. There are plenty of other Apple blogs out there to choose from.”

    Please take your MS dribble and go to where ever you feel. I have to give Daniel a lot of credit. His articles may side with Apple, then again, I side with Apple over MS. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Just a thought. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  4. ElderNorm, when you can spell someone’s name correctly, then you can start your boyott (What is that anyhow?).

    Daniel has been great on Tech thing, but he has been going off the deep end with his poorly backed up Political rants. I know he’s from across the bay. We in the East Bay tend to look at things more moderately. He lost my readership when he ventured off into Politics with his subpar analysis. Those articles tarnish his excellent tech articles.

    Oh, ElderNorm (mr. bad spelling), I’m a Democrat who favors drilling off shore, and who favors lower taxes and less government.

    And just a thought………use or spell check.

  5. I get a little tired of analysts and posters injecting their political spin into articles and comments. There are Apple users that are liberal and conservative. What does one’s political view have to do with a Mac, iPhone, etc.? It bugs me that Gore is on the Apple board, but that’s not going to stop me from continuing to by Apple stock and products. I love how so many posters are boycotting this or that. Easy to say, but hard to do. No company is perfect and if you are going to boycott one because of one thing you disagree with, you sure do limit your options. Geez.

  6. Anonymous© “Wow, I didn’t realize there were that many people who disliked Dan’s ramblings.”

    I like DED’s blog, even if I don’t like his politics. He’s a terrific writer with a broad knowledge base he uses to back up his work. There are people who have had issues with his writings going back years, he does come across as a bit fanboyish, so I can understand this to a point, but he gives a lot of detail backing up what he says and rarely pulls anything out of his ass.

    The post on the link to anti-offshore oil drilling not withstanding.

    “Is a McCain lover and pissed his candidate was compered to Microsoft.”

    Not all McCain lovers are calling for such a boycott. Read what you want to read.

    You want to talk about censorship, how about Code Pink illegally interrupting the Republican Convention with the help of NBC, or how about shutting down free speech conservative talk radio by offering government mandated “fairness”. And don’t even get me started on political correctness, the new McCarthyism.

    Macaday: “The first two (or is it one?) posters above are the original Windows-maggots who had RDM banned from Digg. Every time MDN quotes Daniel these jokers appear to denigrate it”

    There was some evidence that Dilger propped his Digg rating up by signing up for multiple accounts and digging his own work. I saw a website a few years back backing up this assertion.

    Here’s a link:

  7. “Do as you like, his analysis of technology and Apple is par excellance.”

    Excellence in writing wishful fanboy garbage. Writing well balance factual articles, not so much. Seems like the only person who Diggs Eran is Eran himself. Probably most of the Pro Eran posts here are him too.

  8. I agree that daniel should keep his political comments to himself and stick to tech. But enough on that.
    I would like to say that I agree with everything he said in those 5 points except for number 4.
    The iphone/ipod touch platform is cool for casual gaming…..and thats it. It sure as heck not a great platform for serious mobile gaming because of its control scheme…..and there is no debating that at all.
    Hey, for the types of games that it CAN do, it does them well. And thats going to continue to help make the iphone/ipod touch extremely succesful. But it not going to over take the psp and ds markets. I’m sorry but that is just not happening.

  9. Eran is an Idiot,

    A drive by comment from a non-registered poster.

    Slashdot calls such posts “anonymous cowards” for a good reason.

    I don’t like Eran’s political views but to call him and idiot without a shred of proof to back up your claim itself is idiotic.

    I can come up with a half dozen examples where Eran has gotten things right when the majority of the Tech media has got them fabulously wrong, can you come up with some examples otherwise Mr. Anonymous Coward poster?

    I doubt it.

  10. Olternaut “I agree that daniel should keep his political comments to himself and stick to tech.”

    Actually I have no problem with him posting his political views I just wish he’d keep those posts separate from his technology posts. It’s only when they are dumped into his technology posts that they bother me.

  11. Those readers who don’t want to read Daniel’s political writings can simply choose to NOT click on links to his articles. I mean, it’s not like Daniel traps readers into reading his political writings by giving them misleading titles.

    The so-called conservatives in this country do everything they can to diminish and demonize. Take the Iraq War for example–remember how it was unpatriotic for people to voice their opposition to the war BEFORE it began and how they were called traitors. Then, after Bush went to war, those who opposed the war were (again) traitors. So, when exactly is it appropriate to oppose a war–never??

    Face the truth–those people who can’t handle dissent are cowards.

  12. “Those readers who don’t want to read Daniel’s political writings can simply choose to NOT click on links to his articles. I mean, it’s not like Daniel traps readers into reading his political writings by giving them misleading titles. “

    He has laced them into his technology posts in the past. I couldn’t find it via a google search but he made a reference to the Supreme Court and the 2000 election in one of his technology posts a few years ago. I think he’s gotten better at separating his political posts from his technology posts since then, but it hasn’t always been the case.

    Again, it’s his blog, he can post what he wants, it’s just that some people don’t like reading his political rants that would otherwise enjoy the technology portion of his blog. If he wants to drive those people off, that’s his choice, its his blog.

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