Five Apple iPhone myths nipped in the bud

“After a hard rumor rain, it’s time to break out the myth mower and buzz down the noise to a lower threshold,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for RoughlyDrafted.

Here’s five myths of the iPhone that need a fierce clipping:

1. Verizon EVDO iPhone Just Around the Corner: Sorry, this isn’t going to happen. For starters, we know AT&T has an exclusive contract in the US through 2011. Even if it didn’t, or if Apple found some way to terminate the contract, offering an EVDO phone still wouldn’t make much sense.

2. The App Store is Doomed Over 6 Canceled Apps: Apple has turned down a half dozen programs from the App Store, and a gaggle of pundits have decided this means dire consequences for Apple.

3. The App Store Proves That Anyone Can Sell Mobile Software: Alas, such reasoning didn’t work for those trying to clone iTunes or offer an alternative.

4. iPhone Games Can’t Compete: iPhone compares well against the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS.

5. Steve Jobs Doesn’t Like Video Games: Jobs has also voiced a complete lack of interest in TV, contrasting passive TV watching with active computer use. Despite that, Apple now sells the vast majority of all TV downloads.

There’s much more in the full article here.


  1. I thought we were finally rid of the specious, fatuous dribblings of Daniel Eran Dilger on his blog, but apparently MDN hasn’t had enough of his wishful fanboyism yet. Sad. Perhaps I’ll have to stick to Digg for a while, at least the people there seem to have enough sense not to support this crap. There are plenty of other Apple blogs out there to choose from.

  2. Political shill?? Specious? Fatuous???

    I would like to find out what is it that the writings of Mr. Dilger had done to the above two posters to make them so angry at his work. I have taken some time to browse through his web-site/blog and couldn’t possibly find anything out of the ordinary. The guy seems to follow Apple very closely, does his technology research fairly diligently, provides a lot of opinion (it is a blog, after all), but it is all quite intelligent, reasonable and tech-oriented. I had struggled hard to find anything that was political in these. Perhaps the fact that he doesn’t seem to support the sitting US president, or his favourite candidate may have something to do with this?

    Well, as we all know, MDN is a prime example of Apple-fanboy web-site. If you look at MDN takes, you will quickly understand that no Apple competitor ever got positive comments without some intricate explanation that would in the end be pro-Apple. Mr. Dilger’s blog provides a lot of pro-Apple material. He has been consistently quoted by MDN (as well as many others), I can’t possibly see the reason why would anyone suddenly change this.

  3. The first two (or is it one?) posters above are the original Windows-maggots who had RDM banned from Digg. Every time MDN quotes Daniel these jokers appear to denigrate it.

    RDM is THE most informed blog on the net. It just happens that some people prefer to have us believe the Emperor Microsoft is wearing clothes.

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