RUMOR: Apple’s ‘Brick’ to be first all-screen Multi-Touch™ notebook?

“Here’s hoping that Apple’s feverishly-anticipated ‘Brick’ project is the world’s first all-screen laptop — like this mockup of the OLPC version 2 by designer Yves Behar,” Leander Kahney blogs for Cult of Mac.

“There’s slim chance, of course, but I for one would love a computing device like this: A hybrid iPhone-meets-Macbook-Air that would put hot netbooks like the EeePC to shame,” Kahney writes. “Apple’s ‘Brick’ would be a hybrid laptop/tablet/ebook that dispenses with a physical keyboard and trackpad in favor of a virtual, adaptive UI that blends multitouch, gestures and its own orientation to switch between different modes:”

• Laptop
• Tablet
• eBook
• Tabletop

Kahney writes, “And why’s it called “Brick”? Because it smashes Windows!”

More in the full article here.


  1. That is one sweet, hot, mother-loving piece of technology. Should Apple release a tablet as tartar-inducing-candy such as this, the techworld would tremble.

    As thus the iPod halo effect, even the iPhone aftermath. That lovely piece of microchips and circuitry would pave the way for innovative human creations.

    On a side note, Wonder if it comes with a stylus? Like a
    Wacom. If it does, I could skip the Intuos altogether.

    Anyone hiring for a writer by the way?

  2. There has not been any announcement yet about this “event,” let alone this “brick.” THERE WILL BE NO BRICK this year. The event may or may not happen, but this is NOT a good time to release a ground braking product that the competition will not be able to match.

    If they do stock prices will fall even further and the stock pile of cash will dry up. Now is NOT the time to spend. It is time to sit back, weather the storm and hit innovation hard in 2009.

  3. This is not going to happen anytime soon for one simple reason. It’s the software, stupid.

    Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard are both designed to use a keyboard and mouse. iPhone OS is designed for a 640×480 screen. Apple would have design an entire new UI for this device, and third party developers would have to make software as well. Do not expect a change like this until Mac OS X 10.7.

    If Apple threw Leopard on a device like that, it would be fugly and hard to use like the Windows tablets now. No, this is not how apple does things. If they release a touch laptop, they are going to do it right, and that would require a new OS and SDK.

  4. @Checkmate

    Who says Apple hasn’t considered all the factors and have indeed worked on whats necessary to achieve this? And if you haven’t noticed, Steve doesn’t seem to bend at the whims of the developers. If Steve comes out with a product and developers are forced to start from scratch or add to their workload then tough!
    The developers will say “Thank you sir can I have another” and tolerate the treatment because they know sticking with Apple is going to be profitable for them.

  5. well, jeremy, and hoping that not many of the comments following yours have addressed this point, i rather prefer to have my typing surface horizontal and my viewing surface vertical. unless you have a way for your single screen to be simultaneously vertical & horizontal, don’t allow your “redundant by definition” argument to hit itself in the rear on the way out the door. thanks for playing!

  6. Hmm this looks like brass board concept . Notice that the placement of the models hands are in the same identical places on the two bottom images. The images you see above are not of a working model. They might exist, but the ones above are not.

    Be suspicious about this.

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