RUMOR: Apple’s ‘Brick’ to be first all-screen Multi-Touch™ notebook?

“Here’s hoping that Apple’s feverishly-anticipated ‘Brick’ project is the world’s first all-screen laptop — like this mockup of the OLPC version 2 by designer Yves Behar,” Leander Kahney blogs for Cult of Mac.

“There’s slim chance, of course, but I for one would love a computing device like this: A hybrid iPhone-meets-Macbook-Air that would put hot netbooks like the EeePC to shame,” Kahney writes. “Apple’s ‘Brick’ would be a hybrid laptop/tablet/ebook that dispenses with a physical keyboard and trackpad in favor of a virtual, adaptive UI that blends multitouch, gestures and its own orientation to switch between different modes:”

• Laptop
• Tablet
• eBook
• Tabletop

Kahney writes, “And why’s it called “Brick”? Because it smashes Windows!”

More in the full article here.


  1. I hope that the Apple Keyboard becomes a smooth Multi-Touch panel that adapts to each Application.

    Imagine the end of ‘Shortcut Keys’, just a Multi-Touch screen that changes dynamically to suit whatever App you are running…

  2. While I am a huge Apple Fan I think this one is a little far fetched. They still haven’t got the keyboard on my iphone sorted using contacts. I doubt this device would be part of the mix in the next few weeks. It is possible in time but there are many steps necessary before something like this is feasible. Even for Apple!

  3. I think it looks amazing. I think it would be a revolution. I think kids growing up on those will wonder how we managed with only mousing menus (and keyboard shortcuts) for a whole generation before them. It will change computing forever.

    If anyone can do this, Apple can. And Apple should. The question is when not if but when, and what will their version be like?

  4. While I too am hoping for something like this to emerge, it has to be said that this article is just re-iterating the current rumours and speculating based on the OLPC future-concept mock-up images (which the author seems to really, really, like).

    To those that think this is a good concept (the OLPC thing), I would ask one thing:

    Why have the thing fold in the middle like a laptop that separates screen from keyboard, if the screen can be the keyboard and the keyboard can be the screen? One of the two halves of this machine is redundant by definition.

    The only advantage is larger screen size which could also be achieved by, well … making the screen larger. On the other hand there are numerous disadvantages to this arrangement, most notably the fact that cost of the second screen doubles the cost of the device.

    The designers of this dual screen concept are thinking of the past, not the future. They are making the thing look like a laptop, only because they cannot conceive of a portable being useful if it doesn’t.

  5. No way. A product this revolutionary would never be just dropped into the market. Apple would devote a whole Macworld to it.

    The “Brick” is probably an updated Mac mini; the computer Apple never talks about.

  6. While I would love to see an Apple Table or bigger iPhone, I think this should not be classified as a “rumor.” It is more of a wish from the author. Rumors come from actual inside information or details.

    Why is this listed as a rumor?

  7. Yea, I agree. In the future, you may see something like this. But we still have 5-10 years more of keyboards and screens.

    Actually, I would like to see an iPhone / Touch connect with a 9 in diag screen and apple bluetooth keyboard so that you have a traveling computer in a box but its an iPhone too. Just a thought.


  8. Cool concept.

    I wonder how much something like this with TWO monitors would cost. Surely, it would need TWO Batteries as well, since displays are the biggest juice suckers on a laptop.

    The thing would HAVE TO have Haptic feedback. There’s no way one could touch type on a smooth glass keyboard like this thing has. Not that I can touch type… ;^)

    Growl… I gotta agree the “Brick” is the next generation Mac mini. Since the TV is being taken OFF the shelves today, my crystal ball sees a hybrid Mac mini/TV.

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