John ‘Apple Should Pull The Plug On The iPhone’ Dvorak: ‘Apple’s iPhone will be bigger than the PC’

“What I’m about to explain may seem obvious, but I’m not sure anyone fully understands the sort of tectonic and fundamental shift taking place in the tech sector with the development and fruition of the new smart phone as epitomized by Apple Inc.’s iPhone,” John C. Dvorak reports for MarketWatch.

MacDailyNews Take: Gee, thanks for explaining it, because nobody gets it, John, you bloated gas bag:
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SteveJack, MacDailyNews, January 09, 2007, the day Apple unveiled iPhone:
The main thing about the ‘iPhone’ is that it’s really a pocket Mac. It has email, SMS, full-featured Web browsing, and much more. But, beyond that, it is a platform that’s just sitting there waiting for Apple to sell software for it. Just imagine games with the large multi-touch display and the built-in accelerometer! Imagine all of the other software possibilities, too. Given Apple’s history with the iPod (closed to third-party developers), today I’d have to guess that they’ll keep the iPhone under tight control, too. Maybe that will change in the future… Maybe Apple named it iPhone because of all of the free publicity and buzz that name has already garnered. Maybe they want this trojan horse to slip into the market first under the guise of being the best smartphone available and they’ll exploit its capabilities as a full-fledged platform later. Perhaps it’s easier to explain and sell as a phone first. So, yeah, it can be a phone, even the very best smartphone, but it’s so much more and holds so much promise that the name “iPhone” hardly does it justice.

So, thanks for the insight, John. You’re only over a year and nine months late. Better obscenely and unapologetically late than never, we guess.

Dvorak continues, “I have been thinking about this development since the device was first shipped. While much of the buzz around the product was credited to good PR, I think there was a deeper meaning to the apparent nuttiness.”

MacDailyNews Take: John C. Dvorak is a bloviating know-nothing. Here’s what the Hit Whore has really been “thinking” about since we told you, on the day it was unveiled, that Apple’s iPhone would change the world:
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The nuttiness is definitely apparent; the “deeper meaning” is otherwise known as “Hit Whoring.”

Dvorak continues “explaining” what everyone on the planet except Steve Ballmer seems to understand about the iPhone (and even Balmy himself probably knows it behind closed doors) with painful, rib-searing obviousness, “The eventual market for these devices as envisioned by Steve Jobs and Apple will eventually be bigger than anything we’ve ever seen and should surpass the massive PC and desktop computing market before the dust settles.”

“While all the handset makers and carriers are making look-alike phones with plenty of cool functionality, only Apple and Google see this for what it is — a genuine platform shift and an entirely new market direction for mobile devices,” Dvorak writes. “The odd men out in this game appear to be Microsoft and perhaps Research In Motion. RIM may not be able to adjust to this fast enough to continue its winning ways, a victim of its own success.”

Dvorak writes, “What I admire most in this scene is the fact that Google actually foresaw the importance of the iPhone model and did something about it. If the handset makers, who will probably never get an iPhone license, manage to survive in this evolving market, I can assure you they will be thanking Google since the open-source Android code can be used by all of them.”

MacDailyNews Take: Dvorak simultaneously overestimates Google’s Android and fails to realize that iPhone is well protected by patents. We’ll type it yet again: This time other companies will not have the luxury of a poorly written contract signed by an unprepared sugared water salesbozo that’ll allow them to poorly rip-off Apple’s innovations ad infinitum. Apple has over 200 iPhone-related patents that Steve Jobs has publicly-stated Apple plans to vigorously defend:

We’ve been pushing the state-of-the-art in every facet of design… We’ve been innovating like crazy for the last few years on this and we’ve filed for over 200 patents for all of the inventions in iPhone. And we intend to protect them. – Steve Jobs, January 9, 2007

The full spectacle of John C. Dvorak gorging himself on crow without acknowledging even the tiniest bite is here.


  1. Burnett: The iPhone. Who cares about that?

    Dvorak: Well, that was the big announcement at CES, which was the announcement at the Macworld Expo here in San Francisco which was the iPhone which doesn’t look, I mean to me, I’m looking at this thing and I think it’s kind of trending against, you know, what’s really going, what people are really liking on, in these phones nowadays, which are those little keypads. I mean, the Blackjack from Samsung, the Blackberry, obviously, you know kind of pushes this thing, the Palm, all these… And I guess some of these stocks went down on the Apple announcement, thinking that Apple could do no wrong, but I think Apple can do wrong and I think this is it.


  2. Poor John…

    Perhaps, ‘it would be less painful to jam a rusty knife up his rectum’ than to keep dispensing his ‘wisdom’ to the masses.

    Note to John: find another ‘field of expertise’. You are no longer needed in the tech-sector.

  3. Stupid Iphone Trick: Pause the launch screen when scrollling.

    Scroll the screen anywhere from page 1 to page 2 and press and release one of the icons in the dock. It should pause the screen from scrolling… at least it does on mine…

    Oh well…… back to the show

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