Atari prez: Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and App Store have changed the game

“Atari president Phil Harrison has said that Apple’s handheld devices and distribution service are ‘changing the way we consumer and interact with media,'” Tim Ingham reports for

“Harrison was speaking after Atari publically backed Apple’s App Store with its first two games on the service. ‘It’s very exciting to be bringing these influential and timeless games in their redesigned form to the iPhone and iPod touch, devices which are leading the global charge in innovative handheld technology and changing the way we consume and interact with media,’ he said. ‘This is the first step in bringing Atari’s wonderful heritage of games right up to date for the iPhone generation,'” Ingham reports.

Atari has brought “two classic titles to Apple’s App Store – and pledging to add more in the near future. The publisher has brought both Missile Command and Super Breakout to the service, which serves iPod and iPhone owners. Both titles retail for $4.99 each,” Ingham reports.

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MacDailyNews Note: In 1974, Steve Jobs worked as a technician at Atari where, among other things, he got future Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to create a circuit board for the game “Breakout.” More info here: “Why Breakout is the iPod’s default game,” MacDailyNews, December 03, 2002.


  1. Thanks for the support Phil. Very much appreciated. It’s such an incredible computing platform that we’ve only begun to realize what can be done with it. Whether a game player or not, games have always helped to demonstrate what computing hardware can actually do by pushing it to the limit graphically and in the UI.

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