T-Mobile Google Android phone as irrelevant as Microsoft Zune? (Should J. Ive replace Steve Jobs?)

“We’ve now had a chance to see the prototype G1 phone. Google is hoping to carve out its own niche in the cellphone market in much the same way Apple (AAPL) has recently done. Can we expect to see lines outside of T-Mobile stores when the phone goes on sale next month? Highly unlikely. Instead, Google’s gPhone appears headed down the same path of irrelevancy as the Microsoft Zune. According to Walt Mossberg, “The G1 won’t win any beauty contests with its Apple rival. It’s stubby and chunky, nearly 30% thicker and almost 20% heavier that the iPhone,'” Jason Schwarz writes for SeekingAlpha.

“It’s on days like today, when someone comes out with a product like the gPhone that we remember just how dominant Apple has become. Aren’t new product releases supposed to be better than the existing ones? Apple competitors are shamefully years behind and it’s all because of one man, Jonathan Ive,” Schwarz writes.

“Senior VP of Industrial Design, Jonathan Ive, is the most important man in the tech world. He is more important to Apple than Steve Jobs,” Schwarz writes.

MacDailyNews Take: Whoa there, Nellie!

Schwartz continues, “Jonathan Ive should be the next CEO of Apple.”

MacDailyNews Take: Well, our own SteveJack said as much… over five years ago!

Schwartz continues, “Apple’s software is good, their end to end user experience is great, but the look and feel of their products is what set’s [sic] them apart.”

MacDailyNews Take: Well, okay, so Schwartz doesn’t get it. It’s still a fun read.

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  1. @Viktor
    “He says when a product is acceptable and when it is not.”

    Yes, but Steve Ballmer does exactly the same, he says when a product is faulty enough to lock people on to maintenance contracts. If a products looks too good, Steve Ballmer rejects those products until it is faulty enough.
    Of course, this is a joke; Microsoft can’t do “too good” products, but the rest is true…

  2. The lines outside T-Mobile stores must be 10 times as long as the ones during the first few days of the iPhone introductions for the G1 phone to make a difference for Google. Google is not making any money on the OS. And to have a significant impact due to advertising barrage at users, they need hundreds of millions of them out there.

    This whole G-phone business is really a strategy to prevent Microsoft from encroaching on Google’s ad market, by not leaving the mobile phone search and ad business exclusively for Microsoft.

    Google does not expect to sell hundreds of millions of phones in the next couple of years. All they want to do is to push Microsoft’s Mobile OS to the same graveyard the Zune is resting in peace.

  3. Rubbish, as much as I adore Ive’s work on the iPhone and other apple products, it’s quite obvious that the software drives the design on the iphone, turn the phone off and it’s just a simple shell, with minimal buttons etc, why? Because the software negates the need for them. The real beauty is when you switch the thing on, period.

    As for the gphone…a resounding and chucklesome “meh”.

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