Dow Jones blows it: says ‘blame Apple iPhone 3G not carrier,’ ignores iPhone 2.1 update

“Connectivity issues with Apple Inc.’s popular iPhone 3G likely stem from the device, not the wireless carriers that support it, a problem that blemishes a product that has won rave reviews since it made its debut two months ago,” Ben Charny reports for Dow Jones Newswires in an article dated September 24, 2008: 08:15 AM EST.

MacDailyNews Take: This is irresponsible “journalism” that recycles old, outdated, speculation that has been discounted and rendered moot by iPhone Software 2.1, which, amazingly, Charny totally neglects to mention. It’s as if the article was dredged up from a month ago and reprinted today. iPhone Software was released on September 12, 2008.

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Charney continues, “As soon as Apple began selling its latest smart phone two months ago, owners started complaining about dropped calls and vexingly slow Internet connections. Initially, the blame was placed on phone carriers, whose systems were believed to have been overwhelmed by the number of iPhones. Now, the blame has shifted to the iPhone itself. On Sept. 6, a unit of German phone operator T Mobile, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG (DT), noted on a blog that it had asked Apple to address problems with the device that were causing its customers to complain. Verizon Wireless, a joint venture of U.S. operator Verizon Communications (VZ) and the U.K.’s Vodafone PLC, quickly followed, telling its sales people to advise potential customers about the iPhone’s technical problems.”

MacDailyNews Take: Again, old, discounted info and what seems to be a sly attempt to spread FUD: Verizon in the U.S., and Vodafone in the U.K. are not iPhone carriers – of course they jumped on any potential issue, true or not, and told their sales vermin to spread the news, true or not. Charny does his readers a major disservice. Charny and Dow Jones must think their readers are stupid.

Charny continues, “While the glitch, which has been documented by independent analysts, is unlikely to derail Apple’s target of selling 10 million iPhones before the end of the year, it adds to a growing number of product issues that have tarnished Apple’s reputation for designing glitch-free, easy-to-use devices and services. In addition to the iPhone 3G troubles, Apple’s MobileMe online services debut was such a dud that Apple had to apologize twice and later provide free months of service. Meanwhile, Apple is investigating episodes of overheating iPods in Japan and this week, had to recall iPhone 3G power adapters.”

MacDailyNews Take: Long-discontinued 1st-gen iPod nanos. 14 of them. And, yes, MobileMe had teething problems. Now, the “recall iPhone 3G power adapters” line tells us that the article is indeed new, but ignores iPhone Software 2.1 for some unknown reason. And, hey, Ben, you forgot to mention that Steve Jobs looks thin, you slime bucket.

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Charny continues, “Apple tacitly acknowledged the iPhone was responsible for the problems a week ago, when it released software to improve communications with 3G networks.”

MacDailyNews Take: Again, Charny seems to be referencing iPhone Software 2.0.2 while ignoring or not knowing about iPhone 2.1. Related, but old, pre-iPhone Software 2.1 articles:
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Charney continues, “Richard Windsor, an analyst at Nomura Securities who has a track record of correctly analyzing issues with the iPhone, said the problem lies with a chip inside the iPhone that directs the phone’s operations. The chip, made by German semiconductor maker Infineon Technologies AG, is supposedly unable to handle the load the iPhone puts on it. ‘The device is at fault,’ said Windsor.”

MacDailyNews Take: Is Charny serious? Is Dow Jones serious? Richard Windsor’s track record of analyzing issues with the iPhone is horrific. Please see this related article:
• Nomura analyst Richard Windsor and his extraordinary knack for sniffing out Apple iPhone ‘issues’ – August 14, 2008

Charny continues, “Apple appears to be taking the situation seriously. On Aug. 19, Apple launched an iPhone software upgrade that it said would cut the number of dropped calls and improve the performance of text messages and emails. Many analysts interpreted the fact that the upgrade came from Apple, rather than the phone carriers, as a tacit indication that the company realizes the device is causing the problems.”

MacDailyNews Take: Again, referencing an old update, iPhone Software 2.0.2, without mention of iPhone Software 2.1, which does seem to have fixed the issues according to reports. Is this just a shockingly major mistake or a deliberate attempt to spread FUD about the iPhone or something else? What exactly is going on here? This article appeares on Dow Jones NewsPlus on both 9/23/08 at 4:07 p.m. and 9/24/08 at 8:00 a.m.

Charny continues, “Even with the fix, the iPhone 3G’s Web connectivity has continued to lag behind competitors. Nomura’s Windsor says the Apple won’t be able to solve the problems with software alone, suggesting the company will have to rebuild the phone.”

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, by the way: AT&T CTO admits carrier unprepared for Apple iPhone 3G success – September 22, 2008

Full article – Think Before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: This is egregiously bad “journalism.” This thing should be immediately pulled by Dow Jones Newswires and an apology to Apple should be prominently displayed. This one is one of the worst we’ve ever seen – and that’s really saying something. Apple might wish to consider legal action against those responsible for this hideously inaccurate and outdated mess.

We urge our readers to contact Charny and/or Dow Jones and demand an explanation:

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  1. I’ve read a great number of articles about this, and I believe it has been determined that the issue is indeed with a power issue in the 3G cell units deployed by ATT. Wish I could the link the article, but can’t remember where it was. I agree that Charny makes his bread and butter with hit pieces on Apple. It is likely that that this piece was written a couple of weeks ago and published late without review. I would guess that Dow Jones is more at fault.

  2. Point taken – idiots will shout about the iPhone negatively because its a big fat easy target.

    Apple just have to eat it and keep on making great products.

    Truth is that the telcos were happy NOT delivering any quantifiable data over ‘3G’ until Apple came along.

    Like many, the Telcos promise everything and deliver nothing.

    I have struggled with Rogers over billing issues for years – they simply overcharge all the time.
    You argue for 20 minutes and get $100 credit – happened at least 6 times in 3 years.
    I talk to other business users and I am not alone.

    I feel sorry for Apple having to deal with Telcos and cell networks – its hell from a customers perspective, that I know.

  3. When you can get 1500 kbps downloads in Canada from Rogers, when you can get over 2000+ kbps downloads in Germany, when downloads are much much faster in other countries than AT&T;’s 3G network, I think the blame squarely rests on AT&T;when it comes to connectivity problems. The iPhone works great. But the network does not.

  4. Hey, I say buy an Android G1 cell phone. If I read it right, the (ONLY) carrier only has 3G in 16 us cities. YEP, sounds like a real useful phone to me.

    “Hey Charlie, call me next tuesday in New York :City. I will have coverage there.” ????????? LOL ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Just a thought.

  5. “Might want to add an email address for the SEC as well. Can anyone provide it???”

    “The SEC invites public inquiries and comments through the use of its Internet electronic mailboxes. Because electronic mail (e-mail) on the Internet is not secure, you should not send confidential or sensitive information. Further, responses sent over Internet e-mail are not considered statements of SEC policy or Commission opinion.”

  6. I would bet that sweetbike40 is a 9 year old ‘unlocker’ ‘pawnd’ ‘owned’ ‘hobby hacker’ ‘douch bag’ whatever that was chosen out of a hat of phaggots. Dow Jones starts losing major credibility when they have to resort to the sweetbike40’s of the world to represent their clients short selling objectives.

  7. This is how it feels to be subjected to the egregiously biased “journalism” in the political sphere that declares Obama as the Messiah and the Republicans as the embodiment of everything evil in the universe.

    Journalism died years ago.

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