Apple to celebrate retail store grand openings in Calgary and Toronto on September 27

Apple will be celebrating the Grand Openings of their latest Canadian retail stores, Apple Store Fairview in Toronto, Ontario and Apple Store Market Mall in Calgary, Alberta on Saturday, September 27th at 10am local time.

To celebrate the Grand Openings, Apple is featuring a week of exciting events. In the stores, Apple will have a variety of unique and educational presentations, demonstrations and workshops — all free of charge. The first 1,000 people to visit the Apple Stores receive a free Apple Store T-shirt.

Apple Store Fairview
1800 Sheppard Avenue East
Toronto, Ontario

Apple Store Market Mall
3625 Shaganappi Trail North West
Calgary, Alberta

The Apple Stores are the best place to learn about the latest products from Apple including the new fourth generation iPod nano, the thinnest iPod ever featuring a sleek new design with a curved aluminum and glass enclosure available in nine vibrant colors, and the incredible new second generation iPod touch, which is perfect for enjoying music, movies and games. The hands-on Apple Retail Store experience gives customers a chance to test-drive Apple’s entire product line including the MacBook Air, the world’s thinnest notebook, and the revolutionary iPhone 3G.

Every Apple Retail Store offers personal training through Apple’s popular One to One program with in-depth sessions on a wide range of topics, from getting started with a Mac or iPod to advancing your moviemaking or digital photography skills. Visitors to Apple Retail Stores can also take advantage of free services from the most knowledgeable people around, including face-to- face support and creative help at the Genius Bar, plus workshops and special programs for kids.

Additional info for Apple Store Fairview here and for Apple Store Market Mall here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Curtis” and “Andy” for the heads up.]


  1. Westworld has nothing to worry about. They’ve been modeled after the US Apple stores for a long time. They will do even better with all the hype.

    MyMacDealer is toast. They couldn’t even compete with Westworld.

  2. Calgary?? I could see Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, but Calgary? Wow. Congrats to all the Calgarians on being so fortunate. One more thing to beat those Edmontonians over the head with.

    As for other Mac dealers in Calgary … My sister had problems with her G5 iMac and the Mac dealers in Calgary seemed to be bereft of technical expertise or knowledge of how to file warranty claims with Apple. Finally, after I advised her not to use their services, Apple solved her problem over the phone and sent her a new Intel iMac as a replacement. Maybe Apple sees a need for a real Mac store there.

  3. Westworld and Mymac are grungy dingy orifices making money off Apple’s efforts, not their own..Westworld and MyMac haven’t even tried to push market Apple products.It has all been on Apple’s efforts. If Apple has a poor sales award…I would call it the Ballmer and give to both Calgary stores. Your Frustration, Our fault would be an excellent tagline for those stores. London Drugs does a better job…yecch! Apple finally put an employee in Best Buy.. that was a nightmare before.

    @brau – Edmonton has an Apple store in West Edmonton Mall. I think Calgary rated ahead of Regina…..

    @al – Westworld sucks for service, for sales and for product information and offerings…other than that they are almost as good as … i dunno …Dell? But I would agree….they rate above MyMac.

  4. While I’m not sure I agree with hortensethecow’s stereotyping of us Ottawans, I’m pretty sure we are easily the largest city in Canada without an official Apple Store. I mean come on, Toronto has like five now?

    At least Carbon Computing isn’t too bad here; beats the hell out of the arrogant, hole-in-the-wall “Mac Group”…and one always does have the 30-day (14 for computers) full refund policy at Best Buy :->

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