Trism developer on Google Android: I’ll pass; more headaches than it’s worth

“Steve Demeter developed the iPhone puzzle game Trism as a side project, but now he’s quitting his day job. Why? Because he says he’s generated $250,000 in profits since he started selling the $4.99 game on iTunes this summer,” Vasanth Sridharan reports for Silicon Alley Insider.

Demeter is passing on other platforms, like Google’s Android.

“Why cut himself off from other markets? In part, because he’s doing just fine with Apple. But Steve also says that Google’s strategy of distributing its OS to multiple manufacturers who will create multiple handset models will actually cause him more headaches than it’s worth,” Sridharan reports.

“Do I want to be spending 6 months to write the game, and another 6 months making it compatible? If I had Trism available for Android, and there are 50 Android devices and every time one of them crashes (the users) contact me, do I want that?”

Sridharan reports that Demeter is “actively looking to hire more people – engineers and artists specifically. While he started off on his own, he now has four more people working for him in San Francisco, working on 5 more iPhone games.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Wandering joe” for the heads up.]


  1. Anything that is not tied to OSX is useless. We have all been down that same road over and over and nothing has changed. Call it what you want. It is the stone age rehashed again – versus us.

  2. Actually, Android is probably more like Cro-Magnon man than Windows’s Neanderthal man – but both, as history shows, are doomed to extinction.

    OS X. Evolution in action.

  3. I wonder how much mony made developers of Windows Mobile or Symbian…… and compare that with the headaches they have writting those apps…. and selling it… and giving support to its customers… and so on…

  4. Yes, it is easier to develop for one platform like the ultra-controlled proprietary locked up world of the iPhone, but ultimately we see most if not all applications moving to the cloud. Developing for the specific device will become a quaint activity.

    You are the Silver Lining in our cloud.

    There can be only one.

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