No lines form on eve of first Google Android phone launch

“Tuesday marks the long-awaited introduction of the first phone running Google’s Android software, but some experts warn phone users not to get their hopes up too high,” Nancy Gohring reports for IDG News Service in an article headlined, “Android Launch: Don’t Expect IPhone-like Lines.”

“T-Mobile’s launch of the Dream — a phone made by HTC and the first on the market to run Google’s Android software — likely won’t be accompanied by the mad rush that surrounded Apple’s introduction of the iPhone,” Gohring reports.

“‘Any launch short of the iPhone launch is going to seem small, so I think it’s incumbent upon us to recognize that it doesn’t get like that very often,’ said Bill Hughes, an analyst at In Stat,” Gohring reports. “In fact, the hysteria surrounding the iPhone launch is likely never to be replicated in the mobile-phone world, he said.”

“Researchers from Strategy Analytics are predicting that 0.4 million Android phones will sell in the fourth quarter this year,” Gohring reports.

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  1. …it may not be as sexy as an iPhone—btw, if you stand in line for more than 8 hours to get something that will be readily available for years to come, I doubt your reasoning skills—but it’s another dent in the cell phone industry. The open source OS on the phone as well as a truly open development platform is something to get excited about.

    MDN sounds threatened judging from the headline. This phone isn’t trying to copy the iPhone, it’s just a natural progression of where telecommunications have led us. Android has been in development forever.

    iPhones are like luxury cars: the gatekeeper is the manufacturer, replacement parts are expensive and the system is pretty closed. Any phone based around Android is more like a car you can soup up, not as sexy or buzzworthy, but just as intriguing.

    And the functionality that comes built into the phone you can only find on Apples device if you void the warranty.

    This is a phoneOS to watch, esp as it matures.

  2. Sorry, but the main reason that the iPhone was such success is that Mac users created such a buzz around this. Only a Mac fanatic would be crazy enough to camp-out at an AT & T or Apple store just to be able to say they were one of the first to get an iPhone.

    I’m not sure that Google brings off that much enthusiasm. However, the idea of a $200 Dream, and maybe a slightly better-priced data plan that T-Mobile has traditionally had over AT & T, might be just enough inducement to attract a small crowd. I’m definitely curious about it.

  3. Hysteria???

    More like joyful throngs grateful that they can finally invest in a cellphone that works the way a phone should – something the other guys still haven’t figured out. Then add in all the other features, and every bit of the hype is completely justified.

    P.S. Autocorrect is fscking brilliant!

  4. Like many new linux products, this thing will probably be the hot thing – at least for the first couple of months. Then it’ll be thrown in the corner when some other new linux thing comes out.

    There are, what, thousands? of different versions of linux and linux desktops – all have had their 15 minutes of fame then quickly abandoned. Sorry, but the vast majority of us don’t want to spend 23 hours a day hacking out phones, we just want them to work.

  5. It’s not just any other linux—btw, as far as linux goes there are tons of uses like TIVO, digital signage systems, Gas pumps, POS systems, server architectures that don’t have a lot of consumer level mindshare yet are pretty dominant—This is a phone with an OS backed by one of the largest names on the internet.

    The beauty of linux is that you can get it to run on anything. Ubuntu has been going strong for a few years, and the last time I tried to install Ubuntu on my old laptop, it was a far easier process than windows.

    It’s not linux on a phone, you’re never going to have to compile something on your phone. This product will work out of the box, and the app experience will be just as good as apples.

    I think I speak for quite a few people when I say that the reason I haven’t bought an iPhone is because AT&T;sucks. The more choices, the better. Sure the phone isn’t as trendy, but I get enough sex as it is.

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