BusinessWeek reviews iTunes’ App Store: Apple has hit another home run

“I was once an App Store skeptic. When Apple said it would use the iTunes online store to host a range of applications from third-party developers for its iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices, I doubted that this newcomer to wireless would get things right in the first go. Surely major cellular carriers would block outsiders’ data-hogging features,” Cliff Edwards reports for BusinessWeek. “And would Apple really let indie coders tinker with its vaunted iPhone?”

MacDailyNews Take: Edwards must have missed Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ iPhone 2.0 SDK preview way back in March or he wouldn’t have harbored any such doubts.

Edwards continues, “As I write this, I’m eating crow. After trying out Apple’s App Store for the past few weeks, I can say categorically that Apple has hit another home run. The App Store has truly unshackled the high-end cell phone.”

“Apple has embraced the developer community with gusto as it looks to third parties to help round out an already feature-packed iPhone and iPhone 3G. App Store launched with more than 500 free and paid applications in July and in little more than a month has grown to more than 3,000 (of which about 600 are free),” Edwards reports.

“With App Store, Apple has taken take myriad software tools and features and created a well-organized method for making them accessible to users of its iPod Touch and iPhone devices. Apple took the same approach with iTunes, using the online music and video store to goose sales of its digital music players. It’s what we in tech circles call creating an ecosystem, and Apple appears to have done it again. There are not many products out there that keep me occupied for hours with a wealth of entertainment, information, and productivity features,” Edwards reports. “For that, you’ve got to give the company credit.”

Full review here.


  1. Does anyone know of any therapy groups that can stop me buying Apps from the App Store.

    I’m seriously addicted, I’ve just bought Virtual Pool for £4.99… I simply LOVE the App Store!!!

  2. Geez MDN, give the guy a break. The guy’s doing a Mea Culpa and you’re going “Nayah, nayah, we knew it all along.” Are your editors two years old or what? You’re snarky, superior know-it-all attitude is most unbecoming. Grow up.

  3. Falkirk,

    Edwards invented “doubts” in order to produce an article previously. The facts and truth did not matter. This garbage goes on with politics and everything else, too.

    MDN seems tired of it – and so am I.

    Kudos to MDN for calling Edwards on it.

    If more of us did so, there’d be less crap to wade through and more truth in the news.

  4. @Rob,

    Let’s not got bashing XXX, those thong wearing whores did nothing to you…….. oohhhh, I see, if they had done something then things would be fine. Sorry Rob, go on and keep being made at those C@CK Teases.

  5. Adult entertainment industry grossed some $1B last year in the US alone. Now, unless there are 1,000 perverts out there who are spending $1 million each on porn, America loves their porn very much. It’s a big pie and someone is clearly going to take a piece of it. Obviously, Apple chose not to touch it. For Apple as a business, it may not necessarily be the smartest decision.

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