Apple intends to make at least 40 million iPhones in the next year

“Forecasting iPhone sales is one of tech’s toughest guessing games. Since Apple’s iPhone 3G came storming out of the gate with 1 million units sold in the three days after it went on sale July 11, analysts have scrambled to come up with a reliable forecast for how many of the devices the consumer electronics maker will sell in the coming years,” Peter Burrows reports for BusinessWeek.

“Many analysts expect Apple to sell around 11 million iPhone 3Gs in 2008 and another 25 million in 2009. But perhaps the most optimistic forecast is from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, who expects the company to sell 13 million this year and 45 million next year,” Burrows reports.

“While final sales can’t be known until after the fact, clues are emerging as to Apple’s production plans. As of mid-August, they were ambitious, BusinessWeek has learned. Apple plans to build 40 million to 45 million iPhone 3Gs in the 12 months through August 2009, according to a person familiar with the company’s plans. The low end of that range is 52% more than the 26 million Munster expects the company to sell in that time,” Burrows reports.

“Daily production has been running at around 150,000, says the person familiar with Apple’s plans. If maintained five days a week for 52 weeks, that pace implies an annual production of 39 million devices,” Burrows reports.

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  1. “I actually have seen a few Zunes around La. It’s weird. Very weird. They are all 1st gen but I have still seen more of them than iPhone 3gs. Everybody has a 1st gen iPhone though”

    What do you expect from the maroons in lala land.

  2. The iPhone is going to keep selling strong for years, just like the iPod. It’s all about word of mouth now… The Apps just make an iPhone a conversation piece almost instantly. I must have sold 20 people on it when the first gen came out by showing them Mail, Safari, and Visual Voicemail. With the apps now, it’s game over.

    My latest sale… A close co-worker of mine, was skeptical about the iPhone saying “it’s all hype” and such, but got one because he is an iPod addict and needed a new phone, so nothing to lose there… We just went on a trip to Asia for work, and he couldn’t put his iPhone down… Movie rentals for the plane, games, music, etc, you would have to pry it from his dead, cold hands to get him away from it.

    His girlfriend has one now too, and she was saying the same thing before she got it… It seems that anyone who buys one, after a week or so (learning to shut Wi-Fi off and getting used to the keyboard) will become Apple sales reps without even knowing it…

  3. When I got my 3G iPhone, my wife told me “Oh, it’s just like the Blackberry.”

    I could tell by that comment that it came from her daughter (my step daughter) who’s almost as ignorant as my wife in these matters.

    If you have an iPhone, go into a Verizon store and look at their offerings. Try them out. You’ll quickly come to the conclusion that everything (INCLUDING CRAPBERRIES) are like junk compared to the iPhone.

    Visit Verizon, and post a response here.

  4. Well

    All that blustering from IBM about lotus notes on iPhone. As usual, windbag IBM, all talk no action. With such a huge corporate customer lock, until LNotes has an iPhone client, iPhone will still be hamstrung for those organizations.

    C’mon IBM be a good citizen and let’s get a genuine client for iPhone.

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