RUMOR: Apple’s ‘Brick’ really a ‘Mac Pro mini’

“Sources have indicated Apple’s ‘one more thing,’ code named ‘Brick’ rumored to be announced around October 14th along with a MacBook refresh, will actually be a re-design of the Mac Mini super-sized to reveal a Mac Mini Pro of sorts,” iPhone Savior reports.

“Apple’s ‘Brick’ mystery product is also rumored to be the fabled Tablet Mac by 9 to 5 Mac, a fantasy product that’s proven as real as Bigfoot for the past few years now. It’s been roughly 14 months since the last minor refresh to the Mac Mini,” iPhone Savior reports.

iPhone Savior says that this “Mac Mini Pro” rumor comes “from sources that we were unable to confirm as completely reliable.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: “We will be delivering state-of-the-art new products that I cannot discuss today that our competitors will not be able to match.” – Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer, July 21, 2008


  1. I have no idea what Brick is, but I’ll buy at least one Mac mini the moment they get around to updating them

    Minis are a cheap and easy web server. Going to switch over some heavy-traffic web sites from a dual G4 to a mini and serve it from home on FIOS. Never have to leave the home office again. Sweet.

    Heck, if I get another one as my own Halo server then I’ll never have to do any work, either….

  2. “The reason for the Mac Pro is simple. Professional audio and video houses need that kind of power. It is not a consumer machine,”

    No, I really don’t need the power. What I need is dual displays. I could also use 2 HD bays. There is a hole in the line up, and I think they could sell a lot of “headless” all in one imacs with 2 HD bays and dual display capability. My G4 PM is providing that service nicely; as far as vid card expansion? Don’t really need it. I’m doing fine with a radeon 9000 now. But give me something that can store all my media without having to tether to an external drive. I’m running 5 HD for 1.2 TB storage in my PMG4- and I’m using most of it. I don’t need an atom smasher- Although I’ve gotten 8 years out of my PM, it drinks over 400 watts. I’d like to see a consumer machine the sips electricity, stores 2 TB, supports dual displays, and has a single core2dou.

  3. I would definitely buy a Mac Mini Pro.

    I want a headless desktop Mac that gives me MORE POWER than my fully-loaded MacBook Pro, but without having to buy an expensive Mac Pro that takes up more space. I will get a Mac Pro one of these days for high end video editing but for now I just need another Mac that is as powerful or more powerful than my MBP 17″.

    I already have a MacBook Air but it is only for word/excel/web/email.

  4. macbones: I’d like to see a consumer machine the sips electricity, stores 2 TB, supports dual displays, and has a single core2dou.

    That’s an iMac with an external drive. All iMacs are dual display capable. And they’ve all got FireWire 800.

    Why introduce yet another and a relatively costly additional model at that just to cannibalize the existing ones?

  5. I have another take on this. I think the new “brick” is a combined Mac Mini and upgraded Apple TV, with a choice of 500Gb or 1Tb hard drives, wireless keyboard, WiFi and hardware H.264 encoding/decoding – a kind of mac “media centre”. Think how Apple is making a play for domination of movie and music in the living room, and how this would perform with a fully fledged Mac system on your home theater. Think also how Apple TV is due for an upgrade to better handle HD and the persistent rumors of H.264 hardware encoding/decoding coming to all Macs. I’m hoping for this anyway.

  6. I’d love to have a new desktop Mac that is more than a Mini, less than a Pro, and not anchored to a monitor I don’t need or want. I’ve got a monitor and everything else. I’d love to be able to buy a low-cost Mac CPU with at least one slot to upgrade the graphics card.

    I used to have at least one desktop Mac around all the time. Haven’t bought a new one since the Big Silver Monsters came out. 🙁

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