RUMOR: Apple’s ‘Brick’ really a ‘Mac Pro mini’

“Sources have indicated Apple’s ‘one more thing,’ code named ‘Brick’ rumored to be announced around October 14th along with a MacBook refresh, will actually be a re-design of the Mac Mini super-sized to reveal a Mac Mini Pro of sorts,” iPhone Savior reports.

“Apple’s ‘Brick’ mystery product is also rumored to be the fabled Tablet Mac by 9 to 5 Mac, a fantasy product that’s proven as real as Bigfoot for the past few years now. It’s been roughly 14 months since the last minor refresh to the Mac Mini,” iPhone Savior reports.

iPhone Savior says that this “Mac Mini Pro” rumor comes “from sources that we were unable to confirm as completely reliable.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: “We will be delivering state-of-the-art new products that I cannot discuss today that our competitors will not be able to match.” – Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer, July 21, 2008


  1. AFIB, relax will ya. The top end iMac is pretty impressive for sure.
    If it was in a mini tower what would you think about it?

    It is clear to me that in my strong desire for a mini tower I am not alone. I have been using the MacBook Black, maxed out , Rev.A
    since day one. The best computer I have ever owned. It drives a 20″ WS and about 20 USB products perfectly.

    My problem…I leave it on all the time. I am going to burn it up.
    I want a metal box, with 7200 RPM drives with a MTF of 8 years,
    Blue-Ray, expansion slots and the ability to use what ever high end video card I want, as well as 4 slots for memory…and make it black please with glowing lit up apples on both sides…..I want to leave it on forever……

    And AFIB…we are ALL AppleTards, deal with it!

  2. To do it right they need 2 full size hard drives, and one pxi x 16 2.0.. more would be nice… they so need this product… they are missing out on the following sales:

    People that want good graphics but do not want to spend $2700
    People that dont want a god damned all in one, yes its awesome, yes its cool, yes its a pain in the ass.

    I would be okay with one full size hard drive.. or even 2 opticle drives.. they need to start making stuff that really competes with the hardware options you can buy from newegg…. I realize its all about the software, and I effing hate windows, but so many people just dont get it, and/or are not willing to sacrifice what they “want” just to run OSX… we must have better 3D, the comps must be cheaper..

  3. and the highest end iMac is a joke… I love it, and would take and use one in a heartbeat… but its all crap movile components, mobile CPU, mobile GPU… not a work horse.. we need BETTER 3D!!!!

    Apple needs to make something that Gamers wont want to turn down.. give us SLi support, give us a Quad Core, give us the capability to work on our machines again like the Mac Pros, and powermacs from years past..

    Missing Mac is Missing

  4. @ Modbus
    Nice response…lol

    Also I am not sure why everyone has their hearts set on 2 internal drives. I am just hoping that apple puts one drive in the mini and has 2 firewire 800 ports. External drives aren’t that much and if the new mini is given a 320gb drive, that is just massive. Well to me it is anyway since my G4 only has a 20gb hard drive

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