Forbes’ 400 Richest Americans: #61 Steve Jobs, $5.7 billion

Forbes’ annual list of the 400 Richest Americans is out and Apple CEO Steve Jobs places #61 this year with $5.7 billion. Not bad for a guy whose salary is just $1 a year:

Jobs dismisses health worries, but shareholders fret his pancreatic cancer has returned after gaunt pictures of the King of the iGeeks surfaced in June. Stock up more than 100% between January 2007 and January 2008; now down 16% as the market reacts to health concerns. Launched new iPhone 3G in July. Sleeker, faster gadget sells for $300, half the price of the original; sold one million units on first weekend. Original iPhone took 74 days to reach millionth sale. Founded Apple in garage. Created Macintosh 1976, fired 9 years later after power struggle with chief exec John Sculley. Bought Pixar for $10 million, transformed firm into animation darling with hits Toy Story, Finding Nemo. Sold to Disney 2006 for 7.3% stake in the company—now worth $4.3 billion. Returned to Apple 1996. A third of Apple’s $24 billion annual revenues are from iPod. Tweaked iterations introduced last month.

MacDailyNews Note: Make that “helped create Macintosh 1979-1984,” “resigned in 1985,” and “new iPhone 3G starts at $199.” Otherwise, close enough. Do some research and fact-checking before publishing, Forbes.

The Top 10:
1. Bill Gates
2. Warren Buffett
3. Lawrence Ellison
4. Jim Walton
5. S Robson Walton
6. Alice Walton
7. Christy Walton & Family
8. Michael Bloomberg
9. Charles Koch
10. David Koch

Forbes’ 400 Richest Americans is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ampar” for the heads up. Thanks to “fisherbln” for catching Forbes’ iPhone price mistake.]


  1. “Do some research and fact-checking before publishing, Forbes.”

    Forbes always purposely publishes inaccurate info about Apple and their products. Everyone knows that Forbes is staunchly anti-Apple and pro-MS.

  2. Mexican Carlos Slim, owner of the Telcel and American movil (exclusive iPhone carrier for Mexico and other 12 countries in Latin America) was pulled from the top ten and he was #2 a few months ago. interesting.

  3. So, how much has his net worth increased? I vaguely recall his Disney shares were worth about $3.4B a couple years ago, and he got a stock grant of $800M, right? So, that totals $4.2B. If he’s now worth $5.7B, that’s a $1.5B increase in 2 years. Not bad, not bad.

  4. His Steveness™ himself described his departure from Apple as a firing. This from his Stanford commencement address, June 2005:

    “And then I got FIRED…How can you get FIRED from a company you started…getting FIRED from Apple was the best thing…” etc.

    As MDN so eloquently says, “Do some research and fact-checking before publishing…” Sage advice, indeed.

  5. Who are these Kochs? 2 in the top 10!

    Come to think about it – what are the Waltons doing there too? I thought they were dirty poor. Jimbob is there but I don’t recognize the others. Must be the cousins thrice removed that inherited the lot.

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