Boston Herald reviews Apple’s 2G iPod touch: ‘The best iPod to date’

“The design improvements are minimal, the hardware remains largely the same and many of the software advances are the work of other companies, yet Apple’s new iPod touch represents a giant stride forward for portable entertainment devices,” Tom Rose reports for The Boston Herald.

“The second generation iPod touch is the best iPod to date. It cost less and does more than the original,” Rose reports.

“Calling the iPod touch an mp3 player is like classifying the iPhone as a cell phone. Sure, the touch plays music, but it does so much more – and it does each task better than all of its competitors,” Rose reports.

“Even people who don’t need a constant soundtrack to their lives will find a lot of uses for the touch. In fact, during my first three hours of testing the device, I didn’t once think about loading my music library. Instead, it was all about the games, applications, email and Internet,” Rose reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. I would beg to differ, the software advances are provided by Apple inc. The extra software available is the work of other companies after it has been vetted by Apple inc. software engineers, after all, the last thing we want is malicious software on our products, at least I don’t!

  2. I think the iPod touch will find it’s own customers, apart from the iPhone. Apple does not seem as concerned with it taking away iPhone customers anymore. And I’ll bet retailers are very happy, since they can sell the iPod touch and can’t sell the iPhone.

    The iPod name finally makes sense, since it never implied music player. “iPod” sounds like a multi-purpose device. You have to believe Apple named its first music player iPod with the touch in mind, and a way to get a hand-held computer widely-adopted through music. The technology just caught up to the vision.

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