Apple’s App Store gold mine: ‘Trism’ developer makes $250,000 in two months

“The game is called Trism, and it’s an example of why – despite Apple throwing its toys out of the pram every time it sees an iPhone App it doesn’t like – developers will continue to make quality software for the App Store,” Charlie Sorrel blogs for Wired.


Trism has made $250,000 for its developer, Steve Demeter, in just two months,” Sorrel reports.

“If the game keeps selling at this rate for a year, he will have made $1.5 million,” Sorrel writes. “Not bad for a lone coder.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Damn! Makes me wish I hadn’t blown off my Pascal class in high school. Never could get my head around programming and thought it was boring, kind of like math. English and History were my best subjects.

    Guess it’s kind of like writing in that lots of people try it but only a few hit the jackpot and sell tons of books. How many apps are on there that only make their developers a few bucks a month?

  2. I bought this last month and love it.
    This one stands out because it an original idea that is also fun, a combination that is not as common as one would think.

  3. Trism is a great game- I play it almost every day during idle moments. Even the selection of game sound effects was tastefully chosen. The author of Trism deserves to become prosperous.

  4. I’m developing a new tip calculator for cheap people.

    Submit Amount > [clear function] > Result = zero.

    Very little debugging required. Stunning icon and graphics.
    The only problem is getting the target market to pony up anything.

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