Watch out Sony and Nintendo: Gaming has become serious business for Apple

“During Apple’s ludicrously named ‘Let’s Rock’ event in San Francisco, [Apple CEO Steve] Jobs showed off the latest iPods, lavishing special attention on the new iPod Touch. More importantly, he doted over the games that can be played on both the Touch and the iPhone. And he pointed out that after a mere 60 days in operation, the company’s virtual store – known as the App Store – already offers some 700 games that can be download [sic] and played on the Touch and iPhone,” Winda Benedetti reports for MSNBC.

MacDailyNews Take: “Ludicrously named?”

Benedetti continues, “Then Jobs topped the whole thing off with this statement: ‘The iPod Touch is the best portable device for listening to music, it’s clearly the best portable device for watching video, and now you could make a pretty good argument it’s the best portable device for playing games on.'”

Benedetti reports, “The not-so-subtle message was, ‘If you’re thinking about buying something like a PSP or a DS, maybe you want to think again because we’ve got this cool device that does all your mobile stuff and, by the way, is a pretty excellent game platform as well,’ says analyst Michael Gartenberg, vice president of Mobile Strategy at Jupitermedia/ ‘I think gaming is a serious business for Apple. It’s not just fun and games.'”

While the future is unknown “there is one thing that most involved in the games business do know – the iPhone is revolutionizing mobile gaming,” Benedetti reports. “Meanwhile, for those who can’t afford the pricey iPhone and its monthly service fees, there’s the iPod Touch, which offers similar features to the iPhone – features that rival the two major handheld gaming machines on the market.”

Benedetti reports, “Gartenberg suspects Apple has lofty game ambitions and says the old-timers in this field had better stay on their toes.”

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  1. Apple will have the upper hand. I sure don’t take this seriously so I’d imagine the likes of Sony and Nintendo don’t even entertain the idea (except for a good laugh). That should allow Apple to sneak up on an unsuspecting enemy.

  2. I’ve always thought Apple should put out some kind of game controller to make the AppleTV into a gaming device. Just download the games on your computer and you can play them on your TV. It’d be awesome and a game changer.

  3. Apple could wait until there are thousands of games for the iPod and iPhone, flip a switch and then they all become compatible for the Mac and Apple TV. Or make it simple for developers to flip a switch in their compilers to make them work with all Apple products.

    Then everyone would start paying attention.

  4. For years PC apologists said, “But you can’t play good games on the Mac.” Games has been Apple’s greatest weakness. They know it and now they’re going to do something wild about it.

    Watch Apple makes Games one of their strongest superiorities and mind-blowing innovations in the next year and a half.

    In February TV will change and advance to digital (mandatory) all over the country. Apple knows this … nothing is riper for complete innovation and dazzling re-do than TV-Games.

  5. off topic but i get a little nervous and angry at the apple board: how can it be that apple has 20 bn on the bank and they let it happen that a few hedge funds manipulate the stock price big time. steve’s famous “manage the bottomline and the rest will follow” is not a good policy anymore when apple’s long time investors get punished by a few hedgies every 3 months or so. they do what they want and apple doesn’t stop them. a lot of investors will go somewhere else with their money thinking: good company, great products, amazing outlook, but it is to dangerous to be invested in it, it gets easily manipulated and they don’t care for their investors.

  6. I bought X-Plane for my iPhone last night and it is the best flight simulator I have ever used. I will buy it for my iMac as well.

    The iPhone (and Touch) has huge potential for portable gaming.

  7. Let’s Rock! was dumb?
    If we’re looking for a music/game tie-in it works pretty well. I my memory is still functioning, didn’t Duke Nukem (in the old game) say Let’s Rock?

    None of the other portable game machines also double as serious business machines with email, contacts, calendar and web browsers. The Sony does some of it.

    The iPhone/touch platform is a serious threat to all of the portable game platforms.

  8. The stock ALWAYS seems to come back…Wall Street is completely run by hedge funds, where else are you going to go? Apple has a bright future, sure the stock will be minipulated up and down but it always rebounds, that can’t be said for a lot of other stocks out there.

  9. @splat

    i think that was true until the beginning of this year or so. since then it bounces back to where the hedgies want it to and then goes down again to their set point. if this goes on the big public funds will put their money somewhere else (they don’t like to hold a position which gets so easily manipulated, because contrary to what some people think pension funds for instance are mid- to longterm investors) and the stock will one day not come back. it is then forbidden territory because everybody knows you will get screwed if you buy aapl no matter how bright their future might be. apple as all responsible companies needs to have some share-buyback policy in place for weeks like that to squeeze out the hedgies and shorties and hurt them so much they don’t come back. at the moment it is their favorite stock and apple just let it happen. not a good investor-relation in my mind.

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