AT&T to link Apple iPhone to U-verse video, Internet

“U.S. phone company AT&T Inc plans to eventually link Apple Inc’s iPhone to its high-speed Internet and video service called U-verse, and introduce new features like using the phone as a remote control,” Ritsuko Ando reports for Reuters.

“‘We’re looking at the whole landscape, of what people use, and what’s out there in the home,’ said AT&T Chief Technology Officer John Donovan, adding that some of the services may be launched by the end of the year,” Ando reports.

“Consumers will be able to listen to their voice mails on their screens, and download shows from their digital video recorders onto their iPhones,” Ando reports. “They also will be able to use their iPhones to navigate channels like a normal remote control, and for entertainment purposes like virtually hurling tomatoes at the TV screen using iPhone applications.”

Full article here.


  1. @ ericdano–

    Have you ever tried U-Verse? I have it, and it’s awesome!

    I had Comcast before this, and it sucks in comparison.

    Dish? No thanks. It would be a step backward with no on-demand service.

  2. U-Verse… Just one more reason why Apple was stupid not to do a deal w/ Verizon!

    U-Verse is a technical morass developed by those leading edge companies, AT&T;(who’s so inept that they can’t even keep a call up on their mobile network on major interstates in the most densely populated state in the country!) and Microsoft (Vista, need we say more?)

    U-Verse is a hybrid fiber/DSL piece of crap, b/c AT&T;didn’t want to spend the money for true broadband…. bringing fiber directly into the home ala Verizon’s FiOS…

    FiOS BLOWS IT AWAY! I get 5 Mbps on the uplink & 20 Mbps on the down (you can get up to 10/50) plus I have 100+ HD channels…. Add in the fact the Verizon has the BEST wireless network w/ ubiquitous 3G coverage at higher speeds…

    So now Apple has their iPhone on the crappiest mobile network and now they may be doing a deal to be on the most arse-backwards, not-near-broadband, Microsoft-developed, wired network in the country! GREAT JOB STEVE!

    I for one am buying an iPod Touch and dumping AT&T;as soon as my contract is up… The dropped calls, the poor coverage, the robotic voice quality, and the buzzing every time I let that damned iPhone get near my desk phone, TV, cordless phone, or any other electronic device!


    As in: I’ve had ‘enough’ w/ the crappy quality of the AT&T;Wireless network! Ranked WORST or SECOND TO WORST in EVERY region of the country by both JD Powers & Consumer Reports

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