Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch 2.1 Software looks and feels like a winner

“We’re back after updating to iPhone OS 2.1, and we’re happy to report that the install process went well. Really well, actually. Now that we’ve had some time to play with the new features and fixes, we have some hands-on info and screenshots for you,” David Chartier reports for Ars Technica.

“To our surprise, the iPhone OS 2.1 upgrade was fast, and after using Backup Disabler to switch on backups again, our first backup with 72 apps took ‘dramatically’ less time than before, at just two minutes. Subsequent backups finish in mere seconds. Chalk that thorn in our side bug fix up as a win,” Chartier reports.

“Overall, most of the things that Apple said should be faster are indeed faster. Installing apps is quicker than ever, and we don’t see the traditional installation hang when the process is 95 percent completed. We haven’t had a chance to put every one of our apps through extensive tests just yet, but games and other apps that frequently crashed before are performing much better so far,” Chartier reports.

“So far, we’re pretty happy with iPhone OS 2.1 and the many, many bugs it appears to have exterminated. We’ll need to take some more time to finish testing the battery and phone call reliability, but after our early experience with the new software, we’re confident enough to tentatively remove the beta badge and say that the iPhone OS 2.0 may have finally arrived,” Chartier reports.

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  1. Agreed. I went from wanting to throw my iPhone into a brick wall, to loving it again. The synching and backup process which in some cases has taken hours to complete, now only takes about 15 minutes for me.

  2. Had 1 bar of signal with my Blackberry pearl in a basement-floor apartment in concrete building

    Got the iPhone 3G when it came out, had 1 bar with version 2.0; and calls drop pretty often

    Had 2 to 3 bars after the first update

    Now with 2.1 I’m very happy to see 4 to 5 bars and the communication is cristal clear.

    Bravo Apple I’m impressed !
    I’ve now decided to end my contract with my landline to save every month !

  3. Just to save Zune Tang the trouble, here’s what he’d say: “But Microsoft Windows Mobile is so much better… yada yada yada… The next version will even support a ‘full browser’ from before the time of Mac OSX, IE6! Woot! Take that, you iPhone and Safari.”

    But on a more serious note, IE6 on Windows Mobile? WTF? Let IE6 go already! Give us web developers a break! Seriously, IE6, like Mac OS9, can die in peace and nobody will miss it. Seriously!

  4. @ : iDon’t

    Sure you can. Take a USB2 cable and insert the rectangular end into any available USB port on your Mac.
    Insert the squarish end into any available nostril and click “Upgrade.” Avoid sneezing during the upgrade process.

  5. The iPhone is finally back.

    Only problem I have is that I can’t transfer app purchases from the iPhone to iTunes. If I want the app to be backed up on my computer, I have to download it through iTunes and then upload to my iPhone.

    But I’m just glad to have the stability and speediness back.

  6. I don’t know, my Contacts app still lags like crazy…

    There definitley are many fixes though. For example, Safari has yet to crash and that had become a 3-4 time per day occurrence in 2.0.2.

    Still, Contacts needs to improve.

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