Apple rises to #4 in U.S. home notebook computer market; brand loyalty at all-time high

Apple has increased its home notebook PC share to now rank #4 in the home installed base. It has strengthened its position among the socioeconomically elite, attracting the younger, more highly-educated, and higher income households, as well as the self-employed, according to the Apple Profile Report 2008 from MetaFacts, Inc.

“Like the camel slipping its nose under the tent, Apple is reaching into American households as the 2nd or 3rd Home PC,” said Dan Ness, Principal Analyst at MetaFacts, in the press release. “Where Apple shines is as the 3rd PC, ranking fifth with 8% of 3rd Home PCs, and ranking fourth in notebook PCs, also at 8% of the installed base.”

Apple home computers are used differently than Windows home PCs, more often for web content creation, graphics, and personal activities. Twenty-one percent of Apple Home PCs are used in public places, nearly double the 12% of Windows Home PCs that are used in public.

“If you look around at a Starbucks or cybercafé, you might think the whole world’s gone to Apple,” said Dan Ness, Principal Analyst at MetaFacts. “Apple users are very active and use their notebooks in more locations than Windows notebook users.”

The survey also revealed strong repurchase brand loyalty. “Apple continues to command the strongest repurchase intent of any PC brand. More than four in five (81%) of households with Apple as their primary Home PC plan to buy the same brand – Apple – for their next Home PC,” said Ness.

Other findings in the Apple Profile Report 2008 include:
• Workplace Apples are dominated by 5 occupational groups: Teacher, Artist/Designer/Performer, Management, Clerical, Consultants
• iPod penetration among Apple Households is extremely strong, and also strong in non-Apple households yet with weaker buying plans
• The installed base of Apple Home computers are newer than the base of Windows Home PCs
• Apple Households shop differently than non-Apple Households, more likely to be in a Barnes & Noble, Borders, or Target, and less often in a Wal-Mart
• Apple’s retail stores are attracting many non-Apple households, a strong positive sign for Apple
• The kind of non-Apple households shopping or buying at Apple retail have many more kids, also a strong positive future sign for Apple

The Apple Profile Report 2008 is based on surveys with over 10,000 American adults by telephone and online as part of the Technology User Profile 2008 Annual Edition study. Respondents were carefully selected to be representative of all American adults and households.

MetaFacts, Inc. is a national market research firm focusing exclusively on the technology industries. MetaFacts’ Technology User Profile survey is the longest-running, large-scale comprehensive study of its kind, conducted continuously since 1983, the year before Apple released the Apple Macintosh. The detailed results are a long-time primary marketing resource for Fortune 1000 companies providing consumer-oriented technology products and services, such as PCs, printers, peripherals, mobile computing, and related services and products.

Source: MetaFacts Inc.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chuckles the Microsoft CEO” for the heads up.]


  1. This is truly coincidental. We have to hit Barnes and Noble on our way back from Beverly Hills today. I’m the chauffeur for her appointments. Maybe I can talk the wife into a new iPod touch from Victoria Gardens Apple Store. These guys have been spying on me! Oh; 4 macs, one pc in the house; all 802.11n via airport extreme; plus; of course, the mandatory 3 iPods to go with that!

  2. It may be the ‘third’ computer initially. But it will rapidly become numero uno in terms of usage and productivity. When given a choice, every family member will go for the Mac. The resulting battles will lead to a second Mac, and so on…

  3. “Like the camel slipping its nose under the tent…”

    Ok…i’ve been trying to imagine this scenario for a while now, but i still don’t see it. How DOES a camel slip its nose under the tent?

    (Sorry, i’m a non-camel owning MacSheikh)

    Perhaps he should’ve used something like…”like Santa sneaking into your home” or something.

  4. • Workplace Apples are dominated by 5 occupational groups: Teacher, Artist/Designer/Performer, Management, Clerical, Consultants

    And what occupational lines does that not include?

    Truck drivers? Assembly line workers? People who don’t routinely use a computer on the job?

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