High-res photos of Apple’s new iPod nano 4G, iPod classic 2G, and iPod shuffle 2008

iLounge has just posted new photos of the fourth-generation iPod nano, second-generation iPod classic, and the fall 2008 iPod shuffle on their Flickr page.

“The new set of high-resolution photos features complete unboxing and close-up product shots of the iPod nano 4G, and unboxing photos of the iPod classic 2G and the new (Product) RED iPod shuffle. If you haven’t already, check out our high-resolution unboxing gallery of the second-generation iPod touch, and see our extended First Looks at the fourth-generation iPod nano and second-generation iPod touch for even more photos,” Charles Starrett reports for iLounge.

Full article with links to each photo gallery here.


  1. Question: although these new ipods are the ‘greenest’ yet and the aluminum is recyclable, who’s actually going to recycle them? Does Apple recycle the aluminum? What about the Macs? A MacPro has ‘aircraft-grade’ aluminum but does it just end up in the dumpster after its useful life? Does anyone know the answer?

  2. 1. Yes, Apple has a recycling program. Look into it on their website.

    2. Get off your arrrrs and do something. You can recycle just about anything at any number of recycling centers in any quazi-major town or city. AKA – Lift a finger and quit expecting someone else to be responsible for you!

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