Dvorak: Microsoft’s new Gates+Seinfled ad is either meaningless or kinky-sex endorsement

“Is Microsoft’s new series of advertisements really about kinky sex? Yes, you have to consider that after you’ve seen the new Microsoft/Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld ads, which in any event seem just plain bad to me,” John C. Dvorak writes for PC Magazine.

The way I see it, the ad falls into one of the following categories:

1. Meaningless ads that suck and that we should forget
2. Great metaphorical masterpieces
3. Ads about nothing (hence Jerry Seinfeld)
4. Unsubtle promotions of kinky sex

Going straight to his 4th item, Dvorak writes, “Two guys meet in a shoe store. The one guys offers a churro to the other—an obvious phallic symbol, possibly a code word. The guy refuses. So the guy with the churro starts to massage the other guy’s foot, and asks about what he’s feeling. The guy who relented at first says a definite code word: ‘leather.’ The two look furtively at each other for an uncomfortably long time. They scene is just short of a wink taking place. One mentions ‘showering’ with clothes on. The next thing you know the twosome, now each holding rigid churros, walk off together. One asks the other to adjust his underwear as a ‘sign.'”

MacDailyNews Take: What about the “moist and chewy like cake so we can eat ’em” stuff? “Rigid churros.” Okay, John, we admit it, we chuckled.

Microsoft’s Bill Gates + Jerry Seinfeld commercial, “Shoe Circus.”

Direct link via YouTube here.

Dvorak asks, “Now if this isn’t some sadomasochistic, kinky pickup scene then what’s the point?”

Full article – gulp, recommended*, gulp – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Regardless of the theme, the ad did get a lot of people talking. Too bad they’re just talking about how bad the ads are and not why they should be installing Windows Vista instead of switching in droves to Macs.

*Even a bloated, hit-whoring gasbag can be somewhat interesting once in a blue moon.


  1. Switch tunes awful quick on Dvorak there, just because it’s bashing your least-favorite company? Sick.

    So’s the writeup, and after I saw it was by Dvorak it all made sense that it was so twisted. The only one reading kinky sex out of that ad is someone with their own sexual problems.

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