Live coverage of Apple’s ‘Let’s Rock’ event

MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews coverage of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ presentation at Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event, which kicked off at 10am PDT/1pm EDT today (Tuesday) at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Performing Arts.

Live coverage of Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event in reverse chronological order:

• Apple’s “Let’s Rock” special event ends.
• Steve Jobs: “Thank you all for coming.”
• Standing O for Johnson.
• Johnson starts next song…
• Johnson ends song. Applause. Johnson thanks Apple for being very supportive.
• Jack Johnson onstage playing. Jobs off stage…
• Jobs introduces special guest, the No. 1 selling male artist in the history of iTunes Store: Jack Johnson
• Jobs: “We think we’ve got the best lineup we’ve ever had for this holiday season. We’re ready for this holiday shopping season.”
• iPhone: 2.1 update is free, of course. iPod touch owners who paid to update to OS X 2.0 get free update to 2.1. If not: it’ll be $9.9.
• 2.1 is a big update. Fixes lost of bugs. Fwere dropped calls. Significant battery improvements. Fewer App crashes.
• iPhone, iPod touch 2.1 software update available today…
• New iPod touch ad: “The funnest iPod ever” – Ad focuses mainly on games (Nintendo and Sony can’t be happy)
• iPod touch pricing: 8GB for $229, 16GB for $299, 32GB for $399. All three models available immediately.
• iPod touch is also environmentally-friendly: arsenic-free, BFR-free, Mercury-free, PVC-free, highly recyclable.
• Steve Job: “This is the funnest iPod ever.”
• Steve Jobs back onstage: iPod touch battery: 36 hrs. audio, 6hrs. video.
• “Need for Speed” demo.
• Phil shoots, he scores!
• Spore, then “Real Soccer 2009” demos…
• VP of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller now onstage to demo some App Store games for iPod touch/iPhone.
• Steve demoing iPod touch (videos, music)
• Wireless App Store currently available in 62 countries and counting.
• 100 million App Store apps downloaded in first 60 days. Whoa! (Jobs does not give paid vs. free apps breakdown)
• Genius can create playlists directly via iPod touch.
• Volume controls now on side of touch, built-in speaker for “Casual listening.”
• iPod touch. Enhanced UI as with nano. Niek+ now built-in…
• New earbuds – 2 drivers each (woofer + tweeter) = $79. Jobs: “They finally got it right this time.”
• 4G iPod nano pricing: 8GB for US$149, 16GB for $199. 8GB here today, 16GB by next week at the latest. “Hopefully this weekend.”
• 4G nano environmentally-friendly: arsenic-free, BFR-free, Mercury-free, PVC-free, highly recyclable.
• 4G nano colors: black, silver, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink – no white.
• 4G nano battery: 24 hrs. audio, 4 hrs. video.
• Shake nano and it’ll shuffle: “Shake to Shuffle.”
• iPod nano display auto-rotates based on orientation – landscape to portrait and vice vrsa – like iPod touch/iPhone.
• If you attach a microphone to nano, you get a voice-recording option.
• iPod nano features a curved glass display. iPod nano gets accelerometer.
• New iPod nano 4th-gen. Display covers half of device’s front side. Click-wheel on bottom as usual.
• iPod classic now in 120GB only. No 80GB or 160GB.
• Over 160 million iPods sold to date.
• Over 5,000 accessories – some makers even announce products before we want them to (iPod nano skins).
• Pie Chart: NPD: iPod has 73.4% market share. “Other” has 15.4%, SanDisk has 8.6%, Microsoft Zune has paltry 2.6%.
• iTunes 8 available for free download today.
• Jobs demos… Aretha, John Mayer…
• 65 million iTunes users now… Genius will get very smart.
• Of course, users can choose to opt-out of Genius.
• Genius works completely anonymously – sends weekly info about your library to Apple. Genius gets smarter and smarter.
• Genius will also recommend iTunes Store music based on your library/listening patterns.
• Genius auto creates playlists based on your taste (or lack thereof) in music.
• Accessibility, new browsing options, “Genius Sidebar”…
• iTunes 8…
• $1.99 for SD TV shows, $2.99 for HD TV Shows.
• HD TV shows. NBC back in iTunes Store. Zucker finally wised up?
• iTunes now has over 8.5 million songs; over 3,000 apps for iPhone/iPod touch.
• Jobs: “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”
• Jobs looks thin (same as last time or close to it), but seems to be energetic, smiling…
• Lights go down, Steve Jobs takes the stage.
• The Doors’ “Touch Me” playing… (hint, hint?)
• …presentation will begin shortly.
• Announcement: Please turn off cell phones and PDAs…
• White Apple logo on black screen as those assembled wait for Steve Jobs to take the stage.
• 9:39pm PDT – getting close now…
• 8:17am PDT – Apple Store currently offline.


  1. Yes, that nytimes link is good to flesh things out… the Ars site is fast and has good detail. As much as I love MDN, theirs is the worst. Too abrubt of reporting, not enough detail, spattered smarmy comments, and slower than the others. Of course, it’s a third over now, but still.

  2. Regarding Genius: So basically I make one or two choices, and then a machine starts making my choices for me – I’m not quite sure how to feel about that. There’s something about mining for your own info that I might miss.

  3. I think the problem with MDN reporting these things is that their representative is giddy like a school girl, and isn’t really reporting so much as gushing. And probably taking several pee breaks due to all the excitement.

  4. @bildad:

    It’s that add-on from Nike where you put the sensor on your shoe and it gives you data about running (jogging) and interacts with your iPod. Works only with Nano right now (I think). And now the new touch. Pretty cool.

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