Dan ‘Fake Steve Jobs’ Lyons: Apple has started looking like what Microsoft was 10 years ago

“A former lieutenant of Steve Jobs’s once told me something surprising about his ex-boss. ‘Steve is a monopolist at heart,’ he said. ‘He’s just like Bill Gates. He just hasn’t been as successful.’ Well, Jobs is getting there. This summer, Apple’s market capitalization surged past Google’s, making it the financial king of Silicon Valley,” Daniel “R.A.” Lyons scribbles for NewsWeek in an article titled, “One Bad Apple,” subtitled, “Apple is looking like what Microsoft was 10 years ago—a Bigfoot that squeezes smaller competitors.”

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft is a convicted monopoly abuser. Apple is not. By the way, monopolies aren’t illegal, abusing them is what’s illegal. And market caps have absolutely nothing to do with monopolies, much less illegal monopoly abuse. But, really, what do you expect from a guy whose claim to fame is pretending to be a successful businessman? “I’m not a billionaire CEO, but I play one online.” There’s obviously a reason for that, Danny Boy.

R.A. continues, “Not long ago Apple was just a niche PC maker selling to diehard fans who were quick to forgive (or even celebrate) Apple’s quirks and foibles. But Apple is no longer an underdog. In fact, Apple has started looking like what Microsoft was 10 years ago—a company that so controls certain market segments that smaller competitors can survive only by living on its scraps or staying out of its way.”

MacDailyNews Take: We can’t wait for Lyons’ proof that “Apple is looking like what Microsoft was 10 years ago.”

R.A. continues, “A year ago a small company called Vudu was winning rave reviews for its dynamite little box that attaches to the TV and downloads movies from the Internet.”

MacDailyNews Take: Dynamite? Whom does R.A. think he is today, J.J. Evans?

R.A. continues, “Vudu had advantages over Apple TV: it had a larger catalog of movies, you could rent movies instead of buying them and you didn’t need to download the films to a PC first before watching them. In January Apple struck back, introducing a vastly expanded catalog of movie titles, which it started renting, as well as selling. And it came out with a new, cheaper version of the Apple TV box that matched most of Vudu’s features. Now Apple is selling or renting more than 50,000 movies a day, and Vudu is laying off staff.”

MacDailyNews Take: We’ll type slow for Danny Boy: It’s. Called. Competition. And it has absolutely nothing to do with – nor does it look anything like – Microsoft, the convicted monopoly abuser. Nothing. At. All.

R.A. continues, “A spokeswoman for Vudu says the company is doing fine. I will point out only that this is what Microsoft’s victims used to say, too.”

MacDailyNews Take: Sob. That’s what happens when you can’t compete. To be like Microsoft, Apple would have had to call up Vudu and threaten to “knife the baby.” Didn’t happen, did it, R.A.? Lyons’ specious argument is so ill-conceived and poorly-constructed, it should sport a Microsoft logo.

The whole laughable, illogical, ham-handed mess – Think Before You Click™here.


  1. If Apple had strongarmed someone who licensed technology to Vudu to stop doing so in favor of Apple THEN it would have been Microsoftian of them. They didn’t. They upgraded their own competing player much like everyone in the tech business does.

    I love it how this guy uses this one weak example of how Apple is becoming like Microsoft. It isn’t even a real reason actually.

    Typical. Never let facts get in the way of good hyperbole.

  2. MDN, you guys are like Steve’s little brother. You think he can do no wrong. The story makes a lot of sense to me and I’ve been a fan since owning an Apple ][. Face it, Stevie’s a bully. Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah.

  3. Me thinks that Dan is Vudu owner afraid his “dynamite box” is going to become a firecracker of a doorstop. What he doesn’t mention is that Vudu originally required a hardwire network connection, which most people don’t have next to their television. They now have a separate wireless set (at an additional $100) to accomplish what TV does out of the box. He also fails to mention that TV delivers music, photos, and home movies seamlessly from the home computer. Vudu does have a better library of movies than Apple currently offers, and it is a nice alternative to TV, but the fact is that Apple brought out a more rounded solution, even if it isn’t better at movie rentals. Apple also marketed it better. Lastly, Vudu’s problems in gaining market share are a result of many more players, all trying to make into consumers’ entertainment stack, not solely Apple and its TV.

  4. funny about these anti-Apple stories: one says Apple is bad because it’s becoming like MSFT; another says Apple is bad, MSFT good. Why doesn’t Lyon blame Netflix and Amazon that he thinks can beat AppleTV for killing the competition? Wish they make up their mind.

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