ComChart EMR free for 12 months to physicians who use Apple’s Mac OS X

ComChart Medical Software will give physicians, using Mac OS X, a license to utilize ComChart EMR for 12 months at no charge.

ComChart was designed in the office of a practicing physician and has a graphical user interface that is intuitively understood by physicians. Almost every feature of ComChart EMR can be customized by the end user. ComChart EMR has received several recognition awards for ease of use, comprehensiveness and affordability.

ComChart will enable a physician to run a paperless office as ComChart EMR includes a document management, faxing, lab filing, scheduling and superbill modules, as well as a web interface (accessible from an iPhone) that allows physicians and patients to review medical records, send secure emails, schedule appointments and pay bills on-line.

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  1. Go to agree about the website, for heavens sake take the texture off the darn buttons and then you’ll get less JPG artifacts. In fact stop using JPGs for text images, you have to be really lucky to get clean text to the web users using JPGs.

  2. It’s nice to know that Mac OS X users can get 12 months free, but it would also be nice to know what the software license costs AFTER the 12 months free is up. Sure, there’s lots of factors involved in pricing, like how many stations, and whatnot, but a table of prices would cover it. This is a Mac piece of software, and simplicity in pricing is the modus operandi.

    I have some interest, no, I’m not a FACP, but my dad is, that, FRCP, FACC. I set him up with Macs and medical office software a while back, so yeah, it would be nice to know how much this software costs, going forward.

  3. After 1 year, the pricing is a function of the number of healthcare providers. Contact us by email, and we will send you the information regarding pricing and other issues. There is a license agreement which will give you all the details. This is all above board; there are no gimmicks.

    Hayward Zwerling, M.D.

  4. Dr. Zwerling, is ComChart at all customizable for different types of physicians offices? As an optometrist, I need to be able to record specific findings like visual acuity (with and w/o glasses), contact lens orders and the like. There are eye-care specific EMR’s out there (but regrettably few for the Mac); will I be able to make ComChart work for me?

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