Apple debuts new ‘Get a Mac’ Web ad: Stop Switching to Mac! (with video)

Apple has debuted a new Web ad, “Stop Switching to Mac!” currently seen on and other major websites.

Apple Web Ad: Stop Switching to Mac!

Direct link to video here.

PC’s “Editorial” reads:
I think I speak for all PCs everywhere when I say, “What’s the deal, people?”

Have things really gotten so bad between us? You used to love my charming little flaws, right? What’s changed?

It’s Vista, isn’t it? You’ve gotten sick of all the problems and hassles of upgrading. You’re tired of the endless security prompts. You were hoping Vista’s bugs and glitches would be resolved by now. I understand. I’m a big computer, I’ll admit it– Vista hasn’t really lived up to expectations. But we’re only a few years into it. These things take lots of time and patience.

Or did you finally hear enough Mac superlatives? The simple and intuitive operating system, the hardware and software that’s designed to work together, the… you know what, I think we sad enough about Mac’s superlatives. Nobody cares.

Look, I believe that we can overcome these problems facing us. You need to get back to overlooking my shortcomings. After all, I’ve overlooked yours for years. I mean, do you really need to hit the space bar that hard? Yet I always keep my mouth shut. That’s what you do in relationships, you ignore all the bad stuff, and live with the pain.

So please, stop with the switching already. We’ll get through all these issues. Together.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Shogun” for the heads up.]


  1. But hang on, if Apple keeps on pretending to be PC in these brilliant ads, won’t some idiot like Zune Tang say that Apple is actually recommending Windows? Just thinking pessimistically, and they’re excellent compared to the Microsoft ads.

  2. Well-spent ad dollars, their agency knows what they’re doing, and yes, I can picture PC with a ‘Microsoft Guru’ who’s trying to sell a product protection plan throughout the whole commercial, OR one of the 7 or so versions of Windows Vista.

  3. @Macintosher,

    Zune Tang is actually pure satire, in case you didn’t catch on. Everything he lists as a Microsoft pro, is something Apple has done for years.

    He uses the phrase MAC, instead of Mac which would tell me that he is actually TowerTone, or Cubert or J C Randolph. I haven’t quite figured out which regular he is, but he does a fantastic job of stirring up the Mac faithful around here.

    As this great platform gets bigger so do the morons that still don’t realize Zune Tang is an Apple diehard. I still can’t believe people confuse his “Act” as being a Windows apologist, it’s really funny that people are that unsmart.

  4. @jarretdailynews:

    Absolutely spot on. I’ve been laughing for a couple of years now at ZT’s humorous posts, but have been more amused by all the folks who actually don’t get it, and get their hackles up. Pretty funny stuff! How much more obvious can it be what ZT’s up to?

  5. I give it a 50/50 shot, that even if Zune Tang came out and told everyone what he was doing, half still wouldn’t get it.

    “get their hackles up” funny stuff ripper.

  6. All versions of Windoze have similar problems, but people are a lot better informed these days.

    Remember the tens of thousands of lemmings lining up for Windoze ’95 and then all the problems they had trying to get it to work?

    These folk just excepted this was the way computers and software related to each other. NOT ANY MORE! We knew better, and have known for decades. The rest are coming to join us slowly. They won’t all come over and that is a good thing, because some of them don’t deserve to.

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