Three file storage and viewing apps for Apple iPhone, iPod touch

For, Dan Moren reviews a trio of apps that can help you store non-media files on your Apple iPhone/iPod touch.

“It’s strictly a ‘look, don’t touch affair,’ though, since the iPhone’s software does not yet allow editing of these documents,” Moran reports.

“While each program takes a slightly different approach to getting files on your phone, all have their own strengths and weaknesses depending on what your intended uses are. All three applications require that your mobile device and computer be on the same Wi-Fi network in order to transfer files and all three have roughly similar performance, both in transferring and viewing files, except in the cases noted [in the full article],” Moran reports.

Moran takes a look at the following apps:
• Files – Olive Toast Software
• DataCase – Veiosoft
• FileMagnet – Magnetism Studios

Moran reports, “At the end of the day, which of these applications you decide to use will depend largely on what kind of use you plan to get out of them. If you spend a lot of time transferring files to and from Windows machines, then Files and DataCase will make your life a little easier. If the ability to view as many different types of files as possible on your iPhone is your priority, then FileMagnet has the others beat. Those looking to maintain multiple volumes with granular permissions should look to DataCase.”

Full article here.


  1. I have both Files and DataCase – I like Datacase because it automatically will appear on your Mac, but it’s viewing capabilities falls behind what Files offer. Files while not as convenient seems to be a more polished application at this point.

  2. “It is not a phone for enterprise!!!”

    The crew of the Enterprise wouldn’t need it — they have those tricorders and communicator badges, although that’s two devices. The people of Moonbase Alpha make do with just the commlocks.

  3. All I’d like to be able to do is have the iPhone show up as a volume in my Finder so that i could drag and drop files onto it. Then it would do e everything I needed it to do… so far. oh yeah, and not have to do it wirelessly, I don’t have an airport setup.

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