Five business apps for Apple iPhone

“Since the launch of Apple’s App Store, a steady stream of business-oriented applications has flooded in for iPhone users. Most of the developers are independent third-party startups, but big-name software vendors are now clamoring for a piece of the pie,” Victoria Ho reports for ZDNet Asia.

“Names such as Oracle, SAP and Sybase, to name a few, have released iPhone versions of applications that allow users to tap some of the functionality afforded with the traditional desktop versions,” Ho reports.

“Most of the applications can be found on the App Store, Apple’s online market – launched in June – where iPhone users can browse and download applications built for their devices,” Ho reports.

The article looks at five enterprise apps:
• Oracle Business Indicators
• Sybase iAnywhere Mobile Office
• Mobile
• Web-based apps: Netsuite, SugarCRM, Zoho

Full article here.


  1. “download is *free*, must have licensed version running on your server for it to work” Unless, of course, you have hacked into someone else’s server which happens to be running the software. I wonder if the iPhone leaves tracks, like a PC leaves its address, when it calls in.
    Oh, oh … did I just give some scamp a naughty idea? Shame, shame!
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  2. “Five business apps for Apple iPhone

    That’s a good one, MDN. MAC cultists dilly-dally with either music or art on their toy computers. Whay are they gonna do with business apps?

    For the 2 or 3 MAC sheep who actually work in the real world of business I recommend a Windows Mobile based phone, brought to you from the geniuses who have set the standard for enterprise computing for years: Microsoft. Nobody ever got fired for buying Microsoft.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  3. As much as I hate saying it… Uncle Fester is not 100% wrong. I work for a billion dollar company and our IT Dept. is obsessed with Microsoft. We are currently not allowed to use iPhone’s because they are not compatible with all the third party Microsoft only PDA security software. Apple has a longer way to go to make it into the business environment with the iPhone. I had to give up my iPhone and am now forced to use a ridiculously horrible HTC Slide.

  4. Jay,

    For many such companies, it will require a powerful CEO to fall in love with his iPhone and <s>ask</s> demand from his CIO that his iPhone be connected to the company servers. Once the device sneaks in, it begins its clandestine work and there’s no going back.

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