Apple in new deal for PowerVR graphics in Multi-Touch™ devices?

“Apple is believed to have extended a deal with Imagination Technologies that will see graphics cores from the chipmaker situated in future multi-touch devices for years to come,” Kasper Jade and Prince McLean report for AppleInsider.

“In a statement Thursday, Imagination announced that an ‘international electronics systems company’ has inked a ‘multi-year, multi-use license’ extension that will grant the unnamed company access to its broad portfolio of current and future PowerVR graphics and video IP cores,” Jade and McLean report.

“The iPhone and most other mobile devices use a version of Imagination’s PowerVR MBX graphics processor core that supports features of OpenGL ES 1.1. Many mobile chip manufactures, including Apple SoC manufacturing partner Samsung, also have a design license to modify and develop their own SoCs that include the MBX graphics core,” Jade and McLean report.

“This lead people familiar with the matter to suggest that Apple, which recently acquired fabless chipmaker PA Semi, had orchestrated a triangular deal in which it would internally develop its own next-generation mobile SoCs that incorporate Imagination’s latest graphics technology and then use Samsung to manufacture the chips,” Jade and McLean report.

More in the full article here.


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