RUMOR: Apple’s iTunes 8 to feature HD TV shows, ‘Genius’ feature, and more

Digg founder Kevin Rose is reporting that Apple’s forthcoming (September 9th) iTunes 8 will include a new feature called “Genius, which makes playlists from songs in your library that go great together.”

According to Rose, the new feature will also include the “Genius sidebar, which recommends music from the iTunes Store that you don’t already have.”

Rose reports that with iTunes 8 users will be able to:

• Browse artists and albums visually with new “Grid view”
• Download TV shows in HD quality from iTunes Store
• Sync your media with iPod nano (4th generation), iPod classic (2nd generation), and iPod touch (2nd generation)
• Enjoy “a stunning new music visualizer”

Source: kevinrose blogg

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chuckles the Microsoft CEO” for the heads up.]


  1. What I’d like to know is when iTunes will be able to identify unknown tracks ala the amazing Shazam for iPhone? The iTunes “Get CD Track Data” command is practically useless for identified recovered music files.

  2. Kevin got all the iPhone details wrong, despite intimating he had inside sources.

    Who does not know Apple will release a new iTunes version eventually?

    I just do not trust Rose’s track record.

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