Dan ‘Fake Steve Jobs’ Lyons rehashes real Steve Jobs ill-health rumors

“Author Dan Lyons, the man behind the popular ‘Fake Steve’ blog has added fuel to fire surrounding rumours of ill health affecting the real Apple CEO,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

MacDailyNews Take: To state the obvious, Dan Lyons is a royal asshole.

Evans continues, “Lyons claims to have learned that Jobs is suffering from some form of chronic condition which has not improved since he appeared at WWDC. “‘I can’t really get into this,’ says Lyons, ‘but people close to him have been saying for quite a while (before the appearance onstage) that he’s really sick. And someone who saw him last week says he still looks like [expletive].'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: On June 13, 2008, Phillip Elmer-Dewitt reported for Fortune that the operation that Steve Jobs underwent “radically rearranged his digestive organs and… permanently changed the nature of his health.” Jobs’ “surgery was a variation on the Whipple procedure, or a pancreatoduodenectomy, the most common operation for pancreatic cancer. Nobody who has a Whipple is ever quite the same.” And, on July 23, 2008, John Markoff reported for the New York Times that “People who are close to Mr. Jobs say that he had a surgical procedure this year to address a problem that was contributing to a loss of weight. Mr. Jobs has told several associates, as well as some members of Apple’s board, that he is dealing with nutritional problems in the wake of his cancer surgery. Medical descriptions of the surgery state that in some cases it leads to weight loss and low energy.” Both reports would seem to explain very well the regurgitations that are attributed to R.A. Lyons.


  1. so where is his proof for any of this bullshit??? Thank alot “ballmer” who is most likely paying this schmuck or he just sees stock going down a bit and wants it to drop so he can buy in.

  2. He “really can’t get into it”, but then ‘really gets into it.’

    I “really can’t say anything about what slime balls some people are to comment on supposed comments of someone else and pass it off as truth to get their name in the news when they have nothing to contribute to society themselves” but…

  3. Baseless attacks designed to sway the ignorant by focusing on trumped-up distractions in a weak and failing attempt to obscure stellar performance.

    Dan Lyons ought to apply for a job on Obama’s “Smear Sarah Palin” campaign team.

  4. MacDailyNews Take: To state the obvious, Dan Lyons is a royal asshole.

    So why do you bother to post anything concerning him?

    I haven’t read your article, opened the link or ever gone to his site. If we all did that and didn’t comment, it wouldn’t take long for “assholes” like him to just fade away.

    Let’s start now.

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