AT&T wireless data network goes out in eastern half of U.S.; iPhones affected

“AT&T Inc.’s wireless data network was down Wednesday morning in parts of the eastern U.S., according to user reports and the company,” The Associated Press reports.

“AT&T spokesman Michael Coe said access was restored just before noon Eastern time, but he could not describe the extent of the outage,” AP reports.

“The outage affected Web surfing and e-mail,” AP reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “John M.” for the heads up.]

At least — albeit just in the eastern U.S. this morning — AT&T’s wireless service was consistent for once.


  1. Rob,

    ALL AT&T;Data services were out. Blackberry, palm, windows mobile, even regular phones with data service, it didnt matter.

    iphones Activsync exchange integration is a direct link to the email server, blackberry has a go between, which is what went down during the black berry outage. That is what was talked about how the iphone is “superior”

    your statement is void.

  2. hmmm, from the full article link:

    The outage affected Web surfing and e-mail. Most of the outage reports came from iPhone users. Voice calls, text messaging and BlackBerry e-mail access still worked, Coe said.

  3. It would be great if Apple supplied a network app for the iPhone that we could use when we wanted (or randomly on it’s own) to supply both Apple and the carrier live feedback.

    A kind of “Can you hear me now” app. Could head off some problems and let them know when to get after the Apple carrier partner about poor or dead reception regions.

    They are OS X computers and would make great automated field data devices.

  4. Now I know what happened. I couldn’t get connected as I drove from Delaware down to NC, this morning. I showed strong 3G as well as strong EDGE when 3G wasn’t available, and yet, no internet. Actually, that was the error message I got, something about “internet server”. I must have rebooted my phone 3 times.

  5. well I’m in Texas today and the only problem I have now is the GDam
    Mms web page at ATT won’t open. I hate texting but it’s my bday and I keep getting text that I can’t open. Probably nekked girls. Thanks Apple.

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