More blood on Apple iPhone’s Multi-Touch™ screen: Smartphone & Pocket PC mag becomes iPhone Life

For 11 years, Thaddeus Computing has published a magazine based on Microsoft’s mobile Windows operating system. The final scheduled issue of Smartphone & Pocket PC will be available to subscribers and at newsstands in November, after which Thaddeus Computing will suspend publication. According to a statement from Thaddeus Computing, “suspension means that there are no specific plans to publish future issues.”

Publisher Hal Goldstein states that “it is with great regret I make this announcement. We made the decision because of the difficulty of reaching new Windows Mobile smartphone customers, and the lack of advertising sponsorship from Microsoft, phone companies, and OEMs. We are a very small, self-funded magazine publishing company, and we did not make this decision lightly. Our focus in 2009 will be on the four scheduled iPhone Life issues.”

MacDailyNews Take: Bloodbath. What, you thought we were kidding?

The final scheduled issue of Smartphone & Pocket PC will include winners of the 2008 Best Software Awards, reviews of the hottest new Windows Mobile Smartphones, a special Entertainment section, the latest in GPS software, an in-depth section of new tips and how-to’s, a guide to the best Internet resources, plus other surprises. All current subscribers will receive this issue.

A knowledge bundle is available for Windows Mobile users which consists of the final issue, the How-to Guide, 4 recent 2008 issues, 20 downloadable special reports, the premier issue of iPhone Life, and a 15% discount on all Windows Mobile software sold by Handango.

Thaddeus Computing is launching a new publication, iPhone Life, which will appear on newsstands starting September 8. The premier issue will be sent to all current Windows Mobile subscribers. Subscriptions can be purchased at More details will be given in a future press release.

MacDailyNews Take: The premier issue of iPhone Life will be sent to all current Windows Mobile subscribers. That’s just cruel. It’s like sending Travel & Leisure to death row inmates. At least those with Windows Mobile devices can easily set themselves free.

All current subscribers will receive the premier issue of iPhone Life and the final issue of Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine. Those subscribers with issues remaining will continue to receive Smartphone Magazine’s iPhone Life for the duration of their subscription. Alternatively, by contacting , subscribers can receive the knowledge or renewal bundle.

Calling the decision to switch focus to Apple’s revolutionary iPhone “a business decision,” publisher Hal Goldstein says: “Feel free to E-mail me your comments, angry or supportive or in between at .”

MacDailyNews Take: Not only does this highlight the fact that the vastly outclassed Microsoft does not have a mobile OS that can even come close to competing with Apple’s OS X for iPhone, iPod touch, and future devices, it also shines a spotlight on Microsoft’s marketing incompetence, as propping up this failed publication for a year or two would have likely been more cost effective than enduring the negative publicity of the thing crashing and burning only to immediately reemerge from the ashes like a phoenix as iPhone Life.

Hey, Balmy, while you’re at it, why not raid the vault for another $300 million, videotape a “Sahara Experiment,” sign up Bobcat Goldthwait, and launch a rescue campaign for Windows Mobile, too?

We wish Thaddeus Computing much luck and success with iPhone Life. You won’t need the former, so get ready for the latter, now that you’re covering a real platform!

Microsoft CEO Ballmer laughs at Apple iPhone, January 17, 2007:


  1. what happened to that 300$M Microsoft was kicking around for marketing? Oh wait, that was ear-marked to save the sinking Vista NOT TO boost it’s mobile failure.

    There’s “Smart” and then there’s intelligent – Get the iPhone.

    – posted from my INTELLEGENT PHONE; iPhone.

  2. “The premier issue will be sent to all current Windows Mobile subscribers.”

    Lol, that might be the worst part of all. They’re communicating to their current subscribers that their Windows Mobile handsets are obsolete while the iPhone is the present and future.

    Regardless whether or not they choose to cancel their subscriptions down the road, they’re still going to get at least one iPhone Life issue on their doorstep.

  3. “The premier issue of iPhone Life will be sent to all current Windows Mobile subscribers. That’s just cruel. It’s like sending Travel & Leisure to death row inmates”

    funniest MDN comment ever

  4. Haha, I love watching that clip of Ballmer, it still makes me laugh today. He couldn’t have been more wrong, then and now.

    Hey Ballmer, how does it feel to be a complete dickhead?

  5. Will Steve Ballmer get his last copy and then get the iPhone Life mag. This is happening to the Windows support people too.

    There will be many going down with the MS ship because they did not know it was time to get off!

  6. Ballmer’s Lingo says it all: “It’ll do e-mail, it’ll do the internet”. wtf does “it’ll do” mean? Just basic functionality, not user- friendly. But then again, Ballmer probably came up with “squirt”.

  7. Sending current subscribers copies of the new iPhone magazine is just priceless! You can’t buy better advertising than this!

    This publisher will get more advertising dollars as all of the iPhone accessory makers buy ad space, not to mention Apple ads as well!!

  8. MS would do so much better if they would can so much of upper management – replacing their Steve with one that’s not delusional. I thought it’d be clear, even back then, that a device that makes complicated things simple wins big in the marketplace.

    The biggest problem with Microsoft phones is the Microsoft software.

    Case in point, my girlfriend bought herself a HC Touch sometime back in Q4 2007. It had way more features than the iPhone, including GPS. Did they ever get used? Nope! It was too damned cumbersome to do even the simplest of tasks!

    So I bought her a (more expensive) iPhone for Valentines Day and she uses about 2 battery cycles a day.

    Ballmer’s MS is so enamored with competing with price only that they’re clueless about usability.

    Of course it’s easy to criticize him a 1.5 years later regarding the iPhone interview.


    Apple has been rubbing this right in Microsoft’s face since ever since.

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