‘Mac cloner’ Open Tech puts itself up for sale (via PayPal)

“Despite having been in operation for just three weeks, a company specializing in Mac clones is already putting itself up for sale, according to a website notice,” macNN reports.

“Open Tech says it is now willing to sell the entire company, including branding, trade secrets and website, for a price of just $50,000.,” MacNN reports. “This amount can even be paid via PayPal, an extremely unusual move in the business world.”

Full article here.


  1. Apple guards their religion more zealously than either the Catholic Church or Scientology.

    And the zealots cheer with glee when a business fails.


  2. “Fascinating.”

    Yes, Mr. Spock, people cheer when thieves and scammers fail. Apple rightfully protects its IP from theft. Leave your door unlocked tonight. We want to browse while you’re asleep.

  3. @Stark

    No. Zealots don’t read and are always the last to know. The cheering you hear is from those who’s convictions have been met when two clods in clippity-clop shoes carelessly cloned computers from a co-opted closet in mom’s cottage.

  4. I for one am disappointed. Yes the company looks like a front, run by charlatans, however this doesn’t make me happy. What I observe here, on MDN, is that people are not pleased that a cheat has been “outted” but something more like a blasphemer has been stoned to death.

    Wouldn’t you logically want to see many reputable hardware makers in the business? I would love to be able to run OS X on VAIOs, and UMPCs and other machines. Apple would have to exercise a great deal of control in order to maintain the ease of use and reliability, but at least it would allow hardware vendors to build the best possible box within Apple’s guidelines.

    I guess this is kinda like asking Catholics if there shouldn’t be other denominations. It is foolish of me.

    Let me get in line before I’m stoned to death. How exactly do you genuflect in this church, draw the shape of an Apple over your chest? Or are we supposed face Cupertino, kneel on a prayer rug, and repeatedly bow and pray every day? Or perhaps I just go to the altar and smooch the derriere of the naked Steve Jobs statue, and thank the great one that another heretic has been obliterated.

  5. @ StarkReality “I for one am disappointed.”

    And yet, AMAZINGLY, no one but you cares. Egomaniacal freak.

    but I’ll bet you could trot out more well-worn cliches and even be a tad bit more annoying if you really tried.

    Here’s a word you need to learn:


    verb [ trans. ]
    1 argue or elaborate (a subject) in excessive detail : critics thought they belabored the obvious.

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