Housing hunting made easy with real estate apps for Apple’s iPhone

“Trulia, one of the Web’s most visited home listing sites, on Aug. 25 is introducing a tool available on Apple’s iPhone that can locate all the listings and open houses in a user’s vicinity,” Prashant Gopal reports for BusinessWeek.

“The free software application uses navigation technology to summon data and displays the results on an interactive map. It lets users call up such information as price, photos, square footage, and number of bedrooms. Another tap of the screen sends a call or e-mail directly to the listing agent. ‘It’s all about convenience,’ says Trulia CEO Pete Flint,” Gopal reports.

“Trulia, which boasts information for 70% to 80% of the properties on the multiple-listing service database of real estate listings, will be the biggest listing site with an iPhone application. But it’s hardly alone. FrontDoor.com says it will introduce an iPhone application later this year that not only searches nearby listings, but also integrates video and information about what it’s like to live in a given neighborhood,” Gopal reports.

“Greg Swann, a broker for BloodhoundRealty.com in Phoenix, says that while the Trulia application may undermine the role of buyers’ agents, it will probably be a boon to sellers’ agents and customers,” Gopal reports.

More in the full article here.

Trulia Real Estate Search (free) via Apple iTunes’ App Store here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]


  1. We’ve been househunting lately, and we were just saying last week how someone should do this. We plug all the listings into the regular GPS and go drive around… but this would be so much more convenient.

    And at the right time too, since many Realtors nowadays are unbelievably lazy. It’s sure not like it used to be, where they take you around, call you about new listings that they think you’d like before anyone else knows about them… pfft. Right. It’s been almost all on our own anyway. I’ve worked with several Realtors like this for our last few properties. The internets have made some agents really really lazy. Sad.

    Anyway, nice news, will have to check this out!

  2. It’s probably not going to be much different than Puluwai, just like the 50 or so application for a tip calculator aren’t very different from each other. The applications are not only going to grow in number, but they will grow in competition also.

  3. Let’s face it. We Mac users are not used to having to wade through a whole pile of apps just to find decent ones to use. As the iPhone and the Mac become more common and commonplace, we’ll be faced with this glut of crapplications just like the Windows side. We will become much more dependant on reviews to help us weed out the useless stuff (e.g. WeatherBug).

  4. This is truly an outstanding application. They don’t even make you waste a crap load of time registering. You simply download the app, let it check your location (or give it one) and bamm! Houses show up.

  5. Also @Anonymous, the results are far more accurate. The location based search in Trulia is spot on, providing results within .5 miles and up as you specify, whereas the search in Puluwai is all over the place, only allowing me to use keywords to try and control it.

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