Apple brutally attacks Microsoft, Windows PCs in new ‘Get a Mac’ ad (with video)

Apple has begun airing another new “Get a Mac” ad, “Off The Air,” on U.S. network and cable television.

In the ad, “PC” is confronted by “Mac” and a Mac Genius who explain that dumping a Windows PC and switching to a Mac is easier than ever since when you buy a Mac, the Apple Store Mac Genius will transfer your files from your old PC to your new Mac for free.

At this point, Apple makes one of their most brutally honest points ever, as “PC” responds:

Oh, no, no, no, no… My frustrated users don’t need to hear about that. See, fear of switching is the foundation of customer loyalty for PCs.

“PC” then rolls down a fake color bar chart over the camera and makes a continuous “beep” noise as he takes the spot “Off The Air.”

MacDailyNews Take: Bill Gates “PC” loves badly faked things. Poor simulations are his life.

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: Off The Air:

See the ads in various sizes and qualities via here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “GizmoDan” for the heads up.]


  1. That’s great. Now Ballmer’s going to wake up in the zoo again, naked, confused and with gazelle blood all over his face. The International Bigfoot Society won’t be able to handle two huge disappointments in one week.

  2. Glad to see Apple is striking hard on the eve of Microsoft’s upcoming ad campaign.

    It’s all too easy. Only Microsoft announces their huge upcoming campaign so early that its competitors have time to anticipate it. (obviously they announce such things just to keep stockholders and certain customers from jumping ship)

    Apple gets criticism for being secretive, but it’s paid off in so many ways the last 10 years. As a stockholder, I don’t see the secrecy as a bad thing like Wall Street sometimes tends to. Instead, I’ve grown to trust that Steve and Co. will do the right thing.

    I don’t “trust” Microsoft any farther than I can chuck an oversized PC tower.

  3. I sure wish Apple would spend some time working on getting their iPuck’s to do something other than display an Apple logo (Apple logo screen of death)! I have 5 iPhones…at least one working at all times!!!!

  4. Apple fan since 80’s…but ya gotta call a stinker when you own 5, and the iPhone sucks more than any product Microsoft has ever produced! And they say Vista was bad? iPhone 2.0 trumps Vista hands down. When tech support tells you not to use the iPhone backup because it’s not reliable, why even make us go through the painful 3-4 hours of the back-up process if it’s not gonna be valid when you need it?

  5. Fear

    Powerful stuff, and foundation for 1/2 the things we tend to do

    Was Joseph Campbell, Kwai Chang Caine, or some other great philosopher who said:

    To live a Life of Honor, to stay on The Path, Grasshopper

    Never make a decision because of Fear or Greed


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