Apple slams Vista, Windows PCs in three new ‘Get a Mac’ ads (with video)

Apple has begun airing three new “Get a Mac” ads on U.S. network and cable television.

In “Pizza Box,” PC stoops to disguising himself as a pizza to get college students to even look his way.

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: Pizza Box

In “Throne,” PC sits atop his throne, but Mac puts a damper on his fun.

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: Throne

In “Calming Teas,” Windows PC offers user “calming teas” to deal with the mess that is Windows Vista.

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: Calming Teas

See the ads in various sizes and qualities via here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “GizmoDan” for the heads up.]


  1. The “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” campaign seems to be by far the most effective one since the “Think Different” one (with Einstein, Ghandi, Amelia Erhardt, etc), possibly even more effective. My own anecdotal evidence tells me that, thanks to these ads, Windows people now KNOW that Macs are better, safer, faster, easier to use, better work with iPods and iPhones, etc.

    For the most part, all of these Windows people have pretty much made up their mind; they WILL eventually switch to a Mac. The only question is how soon. In most cases, it will happen at the next computer upgrade.

    Apple is making the ads even more agressive, if you haven’t noticed. When they started two years ago, they were soft-hitting (a pie-chart representing vacation, virus, touché, etc). They just didn’t want to immediately alienate people who knew nothing about Macs. Today, thanks to the two years (and over 40 different commercials), Windows people know exactly how much better Macs are, and Apple can continue to kick MS in the gut, with Windows users actually cheering.

    This was probably the most brilliant campaign even conceived and the timing of it is perfect. The tipping point is approaching.

  2. It’s not ‘slagging off the competition’, it’s using humour to highlight what everyone knows about Windows.

    Read Shakespeare or any successful storyteller (and theses ads are little stories) to know that just being ‘nice’ is going to be downright uninteresting, even boring.

  3. And to the European commenter (Zek), yes. It’s a European thing. I have been bothered by it when I first arrived in the US, but this is how advertising (and political campaigning) is done in the US. You don’t necessarilly need to exclusively point out your own virtues; if you want to be effective, you’re much more successful if you point out your main competitor’s shortcomings.

    Make no mistake, TBWA/Chiat/Day, the agency responsible for the campaign, is the reason for the campaign’s success, and one of the most significant reasons why Mac share is so rapidly climbing. Without such prominent and effective advertising, Macs would still command 3% share in the US, with all the failures of Vista.

  4. Today I met with a high roller business type from the USA and he had a blackberry POS of some sorts and he saw my iPhone and said, “I’llswitch when you can run Word and PPT and Excel docs on one…

    I said he better get his ass the the AT&T;store when he gets back to the state because Enterprise is here and he can read all of the documents now… He got real quite and then asked how I liked using all of my Macs in my lab – Did I have any problems with not being able to run Windows programmes. To the which I replied, Oh I can run Windows programmes if I need to but I don’t need to.

    Double quite…

    I don’t think he is going to invest though… and I really don’t care.

    APPL rules!

  5. “Maybe it’s a european thing, but it seems a bit crappy, slagging off the opposition. Surely they have lots of good things to say about their own offerings?”

    like say that they run office, or the features people like about their machines, or how easy they are to set up, or….

    oh wait. they *did* say all of that.

    what ads did you watch?

    “I’d love to make a 911 call on my iPhone, but first I have to do a 4 hour restore”

    ummm, what?

    first the “iphone 2 is a disaster they should lay low after” and then a 4 hour restore? what color is the sky in your world?

    i would lay low after a hugely successful launch that sold millions of high end phones that most market watchers are calling things like “game changer” and that people are already looking to as the phone they compare all new phones to. i would hide my head in the sand…..

    is that really the bet you pathetic astroturfers can come up with?

  6. An ad can only be as good as the product it is advertising.

    If the product is poor but is being hyped by the ad eg Vista, then the ad will be worse than the product because the outstanding feature in most people’s mind will be that they felt utterly let doen after having their expectations raised to an all time high.

    How may business’ waited for Vista in order to upgrade?
    How many business’ cursed upon finding that their peripherals were not going to work with Vista?
    How many business’ gave up the idea of upgrading all their peripherals becuase Vista was too good to let go?
    How many IT guys supported their bosses by asking for XP to be installed in what was their Vista machines?

    Moral of the story:- If the product exceeds your expectation, any ad about the product will be a good one.
    If the product sucks, no amount of advertising will convince you that the product a Zune isn’t a turd and that is giving a turd a bad name!

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