Oracle sees over 23,000 downloads of its iPhone apps in first month

“Oracle’s business intelligence software for the Apple iPhone is making slow but steady progress. Oracle, one of only two enterprise software vendors that are offering iPhone applications, said Friday that there have been 23,055 downloads of Oracle Business Indicators since the software became available at Apple’s App Store one month ago,” Mary Hayes Weier reports for InformationWeek.

“Oracle Business Indicators was developed for 3G iPhone users whose businesses or organizations use Oracle’s BI software, called Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). The only other available enterprise software offering native to the iPhone is Mobile, designed for users whose organizations are Salesforce customers,” Weier reports.

“The U.S. Oracle BI community is by far the largest supporter of the iPhone, with 18,698 downloads of Oracle Business Indicators. The remaining downloads come from Great Britain, 1,082; the rest of Europe, 1,433; Australia, 399; and 1,443 from various other countries,” Weier reports.

“Oracle’s Business Indicators applications let users of several Oracle BI applications get information sent to their iPhones. Finance, sales, and manufacturing managers can get alerts and updates based on predefined business metrics, such as if sales goals are met or shipment levels dip,” Weier reports. “The mobile apps are free to Oracle BI customers, and data can be viewed in graphical or tabular format. Oracle plans to broaden the line to include apps that let managers make approvals — for things such as new hires or expense reports — using their phones. It’s also promising apps that bring capabilities from its CRM software, such as contact management and sales forecasting, to iPhones.”

More info in the full article here.


  1. “Oracle Business Indicators was developed for 3G iPhone users…”

    Any reason to believe this software wouldn’t work on 1st gen iPhones using 2.0 software? Wouldn’t think so.

  2. But Windows Mobile App store has 18,000 apps for windows mobile… of course no body downloaded any app from there…

    Too much for a handheld with “no Plastic keyboard” is it Steve Ballmer?

  3. SO they download it a bunch of times. Doesnt matter if they end up just throwing the iphone away does it? a lot of real business people are just throeing their iphones way, they cant even sell them they are so useless. guess Steve Jobztard doesnt care since he still made the sale.

    BAck to the litle leagues Apple.

  4. I am one of the UK downloaders of Oracle indicators. I run it on my iPod Touch which is on the wifi in house and gives me status updates of critical factors as and when I need them. Got a gen 1 iPhone as well but still have that jb’d on 1.1.4 only. Tend to use that mainly as a phone and as I do a lot of travelling use sims from 8 or 9 countries rather than roam. The iPod Touch is more of a pocket computer rather than an iPod though I do keep some music on it.

    I also have it on good authority that a well know OSX project management software author is working on an iPhone version that will allow full creation and maintenance of plans that can be synced back to the desktop version. Cool…. Can’t wait.

    If you stop to think about it the iPhone and Touch are as powerful as the average desktop of ten years ago.

  5. @Huh


    In the category of creative abuse you receive zero points.
    In the category of believable story you receive zero points.
    In the category of self deprecating post, you receive 10 points.
    And in the category of SUCK IT you receive 2 points.

    Your final score after taxes, inflation and urine tests is 7 Zune Marketplace points.

  6. This should be much bigger space for the iPhone. The problem is with most enterprise software admin or manager apps. Most RDBMS, app servers, corporate email, and network apps, have a web interface but usually built with so much bloat (frames, popups, JSP or ASP.NET) that they are impossible to use on most mobiles, and still buggy and difficult even on the iPhone. Now if they follow Apple’s guidelines and build them more elegantly (and easier to use) on the iPhone, there’s no reason why every sys admin/dba would not make his company give him one. And trust me, whatever the sysadm/dba wants, the sysadm/dba gets.

  7. “a lot of real business people are just throeing their iphones way,”

    Evidence please. And “I know a guy who bought it and gave it away” doesn’t count. Let’s see some real evidence Sport, then I’ll believe you.

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