Apps that can turn Apple iPhone into an even more helpful travel companion

“Downloadable applications from Apple’s iTunes App Store can turn your iPhone into [an even more] helpful traveling companion. As of this writing (early August, 2008), the App Store’s Travel category includes foreign language translators, currency and weight/measure converters, a smattering of guides to municipal transportation (such as one for London’s Tube), and Frommer’s city guides for New York and San Francisco,” James A. Martin writes for PC World.

“I tested two programs I thought might interest travelers: Urbanspoon, a free restaurant guide/recommendation program, and TravelTracker, a $30 program designed to help you keep tabs on your itineraries, expenses, and such,” Martin writes.

“Worth noting: If you’re traveling internationally, be wary of using any iPhone application that connects to the Internet for information, as roaming charges for data access can be substantial,” Martin writes.

Martin reviews Urbanspoon and TravelTracker in his full article here.


  1. I want a combo of those called ‘Spoon Travel’. If you don’t like how something taste, just shake it…..

    A handy program I use is actually on my iMac called Periscope, which instantly emails me pictures taken when the iMac sees movement or hears a noise. When I am out of town, I know when the maintenance guys come through, and see what they are doing (within the field of view). This is not iPhone specific, but would be less useful without one.

  2. I want guided tours of every must see cultural/architectural location in every city, every ruin/archeological dig, every geological/geographical wonder and every nude beach on the planet.

    $10 a city or $2 an attraction with running commentary on every fountain, statue, painting and naked woman.

  3. “Downloadable applications from Apple’s iTunes App Store can turn your iPhone into [an even more] helpful traveling companion.

    CAN is the operative word here folks.

    At this point I wouldn’t come to rely on any iPhone app. For those who need the reminder, Vladimir Jobs has given himself the power to shut down any of the apps, for the great sin of being “inappropriate”.

    I for one cannot depend on things Apple might take away…

  4. Mr whim
    I don’ think you will ever see the kill switch used any more than a nuke is used. It is there as a final solution, not crowd control.

    If Abraham Jobs ever used it for anything short of saving users from a trojan or whatnot, he would quickly become Nicholas Jobs, last Czar of Apple….

  5. Yeah, but ‘Vladimir Jobs’? WTF?
    He is a good guy – if you cant see that Steve’s a cool guy, and a good man to boot, then look a little harder.

    You American boys and girls should know that most of the rest of the world thinks your ‘Republicans’ are nothing more than little fascists, BTW.

    Just so you know, OK? No offence intended, its just information.

    I know how the USA can feel like a little planet all to itself….but it aint.

  6. elgruga
    I don’t think that ‘most of the rest of the world’ gives a shit, other than your Socialist friends.

    I know that many non-Americans can feel unimportant, but most are, present company excluded….

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