Microsoft: Buy a Mac, get 30% off Office 2008 for Mac

Microsoft is offering “students” up to 30% off Office 2008 for Mac with the purchase of any Mac at Apple resellers now through Sept. 8, 2008.

A full list of participating Apple resellers is available by going to and clicking on a “Save Now” link.

In addition, many schools have volume licensing agreements with Microsoft Corp. and are able to provide discounted licenses of Microsoft software for student use.

To learn more about academic pricing and software availability, students should contact their school’s bookstore or visit for special pricing.

Source: Microsoft

MacDailyNews Take: Do you really need Microsoft Office? Give Apple’s free 30-day iWork ’08 trial a try and find out for yourself.


  1. Better yet, just Buy a Mac and forget Office. And if you need a suite, go for iWork, the free NeoOffice or OpenOffice, or the IBM/Lotus counterpart. Me, I bought a Home Use copy of Office 2004 for $19.95 through my old government office.

  2. Sounds good for those who may need it or can’t do without Office…but…isn’t M$ a little late for back to school promotions?? School has already started here in GA. Most people have already made their computer purchase.

  3. @Jay-Z

    Office is unusable? Granted, I have Office for Windows in mind when I say this, but MS Office is anything but unusable.

    Star Office: unusable.
    NeoOffice: unusable.
    Google Docs & Spreadsheets: unusable.

  4. Office does NOT take the cake..!

    Excel may do, I admit – but only if you are an extremely advanced economist or bean counter. For any normal user Numbers does a great job.

    Otherwise Pages is a FAR better and more efficient word processor than the bloated and slow Word.

    Keynote also runs rings around the awful Powerpoint.

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