Fortune Small Business: The best PC for Microsoft Office is Apple Mac

“How’s this for the ultimate digital-age, small-business irony: Want the best possible environment for Microsoft Office? Try running it on a Mac,” Jonathan Blum reports for Fortune.

MacDailyNews Take: Not just Microsoft Office: Apple MacBook Pro is world’s fastest Windows Vista notebook – October 30, 2007

“The Apple line of personal computers and peripherals offers the small enterprise a tantalizing – if frustrating – set of risks and rewards. Macs, used as they are intended in their full 64-bit glory, are blazingly fast. Integration of the Intel processing chips and other bits of electronics, the popularity of the iPhone and the iPod, and the emergence of virtual desktop environments such as VMware means the Berlin Wall between all things Mac and all things PC is nowhere near as treacherous as it was just a few years ago,” Blum reports.

Blum writes, “But turning the newly plays-nice-with-others Mac into a real ROI generator in your shop is no slam dunk, if you’re accustomed to working with Windows machines.”

MacDailyNews Take: Replace “accustomed to” with “handicapped with” an you’ll have a clearer sense of the issue.

Blum continues, “In several months of side-by-side testing of iMacs and PCs, I found that gains in speed can be offset by user confusion in mastering Mac’s approach to the Web.”

MacDailyNews Take: Again, Microsoft’s penchant for illogical, non-intuitive software – Windows was originally set up upside-down and backwards presumably in order to try to avoid legal action from Apple – has screwed up an entire generation of users. Have you ever seen a Windows-only sufferer trying to use a Mac for the first time? It’s painful. It’s tragic what Microsoft has done to hinder world productivity for so many years. Please see these related articles:
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Blum continues, “Earlier this year, the Macintosh Business Unit, one of the oldest teams at Microsoft, released Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac – not to be confused with Microsoft Office 2007, which runs on the Windows Vista and XP operating systems. The code optimizes for Macs the now-ubiquitous line of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and e-mail and calendaring tools (for the Mac, Entourage takes the place of Outlook). For the most part, Office 2008 for Mac simply emulates Office 2007 for the PC. But in my testing, this riff on the Microsoft flagship flourishes in the current Apple OS X Leopard environment.”

Blum reports, “If you see margins in being super-efficient in the digital domain, and you have to guts and the means to make it work, I would invest the time in seeing if Office 2008 for Mac is for you.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JES42” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Do you really need Microsoft Office? Give Apple’s free 30-day iWork ’08 trial a try and find out for yourself.


  1. Sorry..not true…I just completed my dissertation on my Mac. Life would of been easier with some kind of VBA. When M$ packages everything in the Mac version of office then I may change my mind.

    just my $0.02

  2. “Would of been easier”…? What exactly does that mean? I sure hope it acutally means something by itself; otherwise, it puts a serious dent in credibility (completing dissertation – implying a PhD candidate), if the intent was to say “would’ve” or “would have”…

    Personally, I’d steer way clear of any implementation of VBA, Windows or Mac.

  3. “…the Microsoft flagship flourishes in the current Apple OS X Leopard environment.”

    On Windows it has no sizeable competition, so has no need to improve, but has lots of competition on the Mac side, so has improved well. It is a worthy competitor on the Mac thanks to the MacBU.

  4. “In several months of side-by-side testing of iMacs and PCs, I found that gains in speed can be offset by user confusion in mastering Mac’s approach to the Web.”

    User confusion? Who IS this idiot? I swtiched from a lifetime of using Windows to an Intel iMac in early 2007. It took maybe two weeks to get used to different shortcuts and the UI, but I can’t imagine using Windows again.

  5. Flourishes in the OS X Leopard environment? I need to know what cocktail of controlled substances this guy is on.

    Apparently he doesn’t use Spaces. Office programs never stay in the space I have assigned them to. Palettes or toolboxes or whatever MS calls them open in random other spaces, and the computer bounces back and forth until you close and reopen them. And it would be great if we could place an Excel spreadsheet into a PowerPoint presentation without importing thousands of empty cells, making the few you’re using so miniscule in the upper left corner.

    I could go into the myriad of other issues, but why bother? Office 2008, like most everything else coming from Microsoft, is unusable dreck.

  6. Pedrag ‘Would of’ is a traditional English usage originally from the Viking influence I believe and therefore very common in the eastern counties still. It is unusual to hear an American use it but please respect a perfectly good use of the ORIGINAL language please.

  7. @Jay-Z:

    Roght. And the other day, while switching back-and-forth between multiple open Word, PowerPoint and Excel files, they froze Spaces, Exposé and the Dock. Their the only applications I know that managed to do that.

  8. Unfortunately I do have to use Word (due to my book publisher’s only dealing with it), and I must say, Word 2008 SUCKS! It’s so much buggier and prone to crashing than Word 2004 was that it’s about twice as slow to work with….

    Nice job, MS. I use Pages, Numbers and Keynote for all my personal stuff, but I still have suffer with your idiot program until some folks get their heads out of their collective asses…. sigh.

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